Cultivar Review: La Bomba by Florist Farms

La Bomba #LaBomba by @floristfarms

Lineage/Genetics – Wedding Cake x Jet Fuel Gelato

Bred by: Compound Genetics @chris_compound x @compound_genetics___seedbank

Grower: Florist Farms

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Dispensary: Housing Works Cannabis @housingworkscannabis

La Bomba Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

la bomba by florist farms strain review by letmeseewhatusmokinToday is a historical review because it’s the first time I review #NY legal flower . It was a historical event showing the unity and love for the plant 🌱. I got my hands on La Bomba cultivated by @floristfarms bred by #compoundgenetics. La Bomba is the cross between Wedding Cake & Jet Fuel Gelato. Born in Cortland, NY Sungrown Outdoors. The structure show a beauty of its own trichomes clustered over, pickle and green color leaves and buds, apricot color pistils. I like the Jar 🫙 it came in, you can see the flower and scan for the lab results which is also on the reel. They test for salmonella, copper bacterias .

The scent is an orange pop cream, pine, chemical aroma. It smells more on the caryophyllene side mix with a myrcene sweet savor. The palate is an earthy, pastry dough pungent, spicy fuel punch . The effects are medium low cerebral high, start feeling the buzz about 8-9’pulls in. The high can last about an 1 hr the most . The smoking is experience is disappointing and here is why ?. The ashes burned 60/40 more pepper than salt. Super dryness on the inhale and exhale 😮‍💨 no taste. It turned on and off on me a few times towards the end of the clip. I show the ashes on the reel. I smoked it on an @elementspapers were I’ve experienced great results and it burned 3/5.

I also try it on a blazing Suzan same results. It burned more salt at the beginning than completely peppery. This literally was a Bomba to my lungs 🫁. I was coughing a storm while smoking. Overall La Bomba ✅ 👌🏽 on appeal and scent, it can improve in smoke 💨 and taste. This flower looked like it was rushed to fill some shelves. I don’t blame the cultivators, I blame the State officials for rushing the date for sale and for not testing this with actual connoisseurs before selling this to the market.

I payed 55 plus tax on complete 🗑️. Respectively I don’t need a refund, I would like to taste the product before it hit the shelves or work will small batch in the city because product like this shouldn’t be in the connoisseurs lungs. 2/5

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Check out more reviews by @letmeseewhatusmokin on Instagram and Social Club! ( Also letmeseewhatusmokin2 for the backup.

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Check out more reviews by @letmeseewhatusmokin on Instagram and Social Club! ( Also letmeseewhatusmokin2 for the backup.

One thought on “Cultivar Review: La Bomba by Florist Farms

  • January 7, 2023 at 11:25 am

    I agree with this review. Disappointing high and very harsh on lungs.


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