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Hash Review: Purple Paro Rosin by Seeds of Kismet

I got to try a handful of landraces (like Destroyer and Colombiana) from Seeds of Kismet but this particular sample struck me for many reasons. Bhutan is a landlocked Asian country that shares borders with India and China. It has had limited contact with the outside world. Read: the cannabis genetics within those borders haven’t yet been diluted by Western polyhybrid influence. Paro is the capitol of Bhutan, and Purple Paro is a purple pheno of a landrace collected from around there. Lineage/Genetics: Bhutanese Landrace Original Breeder: Mother Nature x Unknown Bhutanese Stewards Grower/Processor: Seeds of Kismet (Website: Terpene Profile: Unknown

Purple Paro Rosin Review

I tried this Purple Paro in every which way I had available to me. Layered it in a bong. Out of the Maren Faye three hole, out of DC Ent’s Puffco, and even on a G-pen style atomizer like it was yesterdecade. While there were slight variations in the high depending on temp combusted or vaporized, all in all the high hit fast and hard like humidity in the jungle. Really heavy in the eyes but my legs were still fidgety. Not something that could easily be put in the indica-sativa false dichotomy. This is the kind of high that leaves you with a body so still that it aches when you move it again. What a stoney ass high but I repeat it’s mostly in the head. There’s a bit of that slowly spinning feeling and you end up settling into a stare-at-stuff high respite with copious amounts of Zen and time dilation as well as auditory enhancement. A few notes on the nose: Fruity, starts slightly passionfruity. When aired a little the notes become more like a papaya. Yellow on the papaya ripeness/color scale I always refer for papaya. Halfweek from ripe and definitely too late for papaya salad kinda notes. Sour to almost vinegar cleaner notes and a back of minty herbaceousneses. Almost gassy but not quite. The hint of something not quite as palatable, right between gas and bubblegum. Really struck me as being almost closer to a modern candy flavor, but still distinctly complex like every landrace I’ve ever tried. To the point that I brought this jar to the Myco Country Fair and was able to share it with Jay of Aireo Solventless – and he was similarly impressed because he’d never seen a landrace look or taste that good in rosin form. As always with good hash like this, credits go to the grower, the processor, and the cultural stewards of the cannabis genetics involved. Thanks to all these humans and the stars aligning for letting my ECS try this Purple Paro. I’m a fiend for unique highs and this hit the spot. I left the half I didn’t use up to age for a few months to really see its range. The bubblegum is more noticeable in the aged sample. The high hits even stonier in the head. Modern day cultivars used for rosin have a very middle of the road high to me. This was a peak dabbing experience with a noticeably unique high. Someday, I’ll visit Paro myself to see what other Bhutanese domesticates there are and what they taste and feel like.
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