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Hash Review: Water Boy Z Rosin by The Waterboyz x West Coast Alchemy

Water Boy Z @thewaterboyzz710 @wheezy__tee Via @aslowz Grower: The Waterboyz Processor: West Coast Alchemy Terpene Profile: Unknown

Water Boy Z Rosin Review

water boy z by the waterboyz x west coast alchemy hash review by cali_bud_reviews This is my second jar from West Coast Alchemy that is in collaboration with the Waterboyz. Since the Zkywalker, getting my hands on their pure Zkittlez terps has been highly anticipated & im stoked to give my analysis of it. Fresh out the fridge the jar opens to a honey colored rosin, light, tan, & amber, with white speckles suspended in the rosin & milky terp sauces slowly separating from the mass. The consistency is thick & creamy, with a waxy buddery surface coated in a clear shining terp juices. Upon warming up, the rosin becomes a slighty lighter shade , & develops some wet gooeyness & sauciness as it rests. Eventually it becomes pretty viscous, emphasizing the saucy, waxy, & buddery terp seperated texture but is still thick & creamy, especially after a quick whip, where it settles into a thick goop, & eventually melts back to is waxy buddery saucy state with the milky terp juices pooling together. The terps are loud with excessively sugary, lime, grapefruit, lemon, candy citrus fuel terps with grape, berries, lavender, florals, & pine pungent-freezer burnt orange citrus fuel with a sweet n sour honey backing. I love when zkittlez has that gassy dank, sugary candy citrus fuel, & sweet honey based profile vs some that are dominated by its musky doughy florals (which are only undertones here). The oil retained for OVER 2min, (480) with impressive flavor strength & clouds the whole way through. The Vapor was pretty damn smooth with a pinch of herbal spiciness. The Vapor was gassy, with medium strength expando lung pressure. The exhale was pure zkittlez sugary rainbow candy fuel. With that sweet & sour honey & lime / grape staining the mouth for a nice aftertaste. The effects were Stoney, but with some euphoric creative uplift in the mind behind the major headband pressure. The body has a fully relaxing buzz, with some mild chest pressure. The effects have a nice satisfaction factor from the chronic entourage effects that last about 3.5 hours. This jar was major heat, earning a final overall score of 9.62/10 water boy z by the waterboyz x west coast alchemy hash review by cali_bud_reviews NFSOT! Reviews 21+ MMJP ONLY! #calibudreviews #thewaterboyz #westcoastalchemy
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Check out more reviews by @cali_bud_reviews on Instagram ( and YouTube (!

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