Cultivar Review: Tropical Runtz by Triple Seven

Let’s put two brand new companies to the test in a bud battle. Despite both these companies now falling under the mega @crescolab/ @columbiacare conglomerate they have both been highly sought after in the Illinois market. First up is the 2021 High Times Cannabis Cup 3rd place Sativa flower Tropical Runtz by @triple777co and the opponent is none other than the undisputed Suga King by @miketyson Cannabis. Tropical Runtz is a cross of Tropic Truffle(Tropicana Cookies *Mint Chocolate Chip)and Runtz(Gelato 33*Zkittlez)originally bred by @exoticgenetix_mike.

Lineage/Geneitcs: Tropic Truffles x Runtz

Original Breeder: Exotic Genetix

Grower: Triple Seven

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Triple Seven Tropical Runt Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

tropical runtz by triple 777 strain review by theweedadvocateBag Appeal

TR- 6 nug 8th with a couple smalls, mint to forest green arrowhead shaped buds. Good amount of sandy triches and long rusty tangerine stigmas. Cure is pretty dusty but small bits of purp are exposed on breakdown. 21/25


TR- Pure Runtz candy gas with a tropic pineapple twist. After busting up a nug some rubber glove, burnt tire, and sour pineapple candy ammonia. 18/25


TR- Acidic pineapple wrapped around intense tart candy gas and musky melon. Sour apple Runtz on the dry pull light salt and pepper ash with no resin ring. 19/25


TR- Very nice cerebral high that rips thru the body for that good morning buzz lasting 45min-1hr. Limonene and Linalool 1-2 combo hits nicely. 21/25

TR- 80 points



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