Cultivar Review: Tropical Runtz by Strain Mason

So after doing the review on Triple 7’s Tropical Runtz last week the brethren @strain_mason blessed me with some of his latest harvest of the same strain. An @exoticgenetix_mike exclusive of Tropic Truffles(Tropicana Cookies*Mint Chocolate Chip) and Runtz(Gelato*Zkittlez) to create an Sativa leaning monster from his insane 2020 Runtz lineup that has some of the best representations of the strain in the game and we can’t forget this was one of the freebies.

Lineage/Geneitcs: Tropic Truffles x Runtz

Original Breeder: Exotic Genetix

Grower: Strain Mason

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Tropical Runtz Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Now it seems almost anything that has Tropicana Cookies in it gets this insane coloration of deep purples and bright orange hairs. We have seen this present in so many of the cultivars its produced over the years such as Trop Cherry, Point Break, Wilson, and Bahama Mama. Well it didn’t hold back on lending any of its good looks to this baby, dusty violets dominant the look with just small specks of forest green in less frequency than the rusty tangerine pistils. The biggest highlight though are the loads of diamond bright crystals sparkling on these nugs. Cure feels great breaking down easily with some slight stickiness. 25/25

Immediately you get a very tropical vibe but with no sweetness this is pineapple cat piss, sour granny smith apple, and lemon lime candy gas. It’s like a cocktail that was made a bit more bitter to order but retaining its fruity profile. 24/25

The flavor is explosive with this acrid pineapple gas. The Tropicana Cookies mixed with the Runtz gas has met in the middle to lose the orange and bring out sour unripened pineapple with light nuances of ammonia but not in a hazy way, in a gassy chem way that hits smoothly on the backend. Dry pull of tropical pineapple candy that burns down with dark salt and pepper ash and small resin ring. 23/25

The high will bring you sunshine and rainbows to even your darkest days. Hitting like a perfect balance of Indica and Sativa this first brightens the mind before reaching down to body and limbs with an relaxed yet motivated body buzz. Ideal for a prebuzz before workout since Limonene/Myrcene combo works to relax the muscles and anti-inflammatory properties for recovery. 22/25

94 points-Weed Advocate

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