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Strain Review: Banana Cream by Monterey Kush Co.

Banana Cream Update Lineage/Genetics: Banana OG x Cookies and Cream Original Breeder: Exotic Genetix Grower: Monterey Kush Co.

Banana Cream Strain Review . Ive reviewed this strain before so let me just add some updates .. This batch was alot heavier on the gassy chem notes while the fruity and creamy banana aroma was buried but still potent. A sweet clean banana gassy on the nose but gives your mind a nice tingle. You can expect a nice heady sensation initially that brings about a nice period of euphoria and spontaneous convos and plans. As you come down the banana effects kick in and slow you down, as your body settle youll get a nice fit of munchies, definitely better than the last batch, its a little stronger and tastes a little more gassy.
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