Dab Review: Banana Cream Live Resin by Organic Alternatives

Banana Cream (Banana OG x Cookies & Cream) 👀

Lineage/Genetics: Banana OG x Cookies and Cream

Original Breeder: Exotic Genetix

Grower: Organic Alternatives

Processor: Organic Alternatives

Banana Cream Live Resin Review

Honestly exactly how you would expect it to smell and taste based on the name and genetics. This one is lower on limonene than the last few strains I’ve had and the anti anxiety of its higher caryophyllene content completely overshadows the high. Linalool seems to be present as it makes me really sleepy but not a lot of pressure in the head and lots of relaxation.

The taste is nearly like almonds and whipped cream, but the smell has a woody smell. Kinda like if you were to drop a piece of banana cream pie on the concrete and sprinkled turmeric on it. 🤣

It’s very mellow. I can kinda go on because my mind is in a giddy mood after a dab about 10 min into it. Very very good for social interaction of any kind. Been making a lot of typos writing this because I can’t keep up with my mind.banana

It’s kinda perplexing since both strains are known to put you down and out rather than relax and activate your mind.



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