Strain Review: Bisochi by Super Saiyan Farm

Biscochi 🍪🧈🔥🍒🌲⛽️

Lineage/Genetics: Cherry Sherbet x Cantucci

Original Breeder: Umami Seed Co

Grower: Super Sayan Farm

Bisochi Strain Review

(Cherry pie x Sour Sherb X Gelato 41 x unknown x Froyo)
Bred by @umamiseedco
Grown by @supersayanfarm

All right folks, today we have a special number from Umami seed, abreeder I’ve been eyeing for a while. With a lineage like this & their motto being « flavour > everything » i instantly knew I had to try this strain. Love me some cookies poly hybrid madness 🤪

The bag appeal on this Biscochi batch is just pure weed porn, easily the best looking cookie/gelato hybrid I’ve ever come across. The buds have a greyish/browning colours to them with outstanding purple, pink & blue hues all over the place. The sharp calyxes pattern, semi foxtailing top is punctuated with those fiery orange hairs that looks like a fire burning 🔥🥵 The visual aspect of this Biscochi looking like an over baked good coming out of the oven is a proper introduction to the terpene profile that follows 🤤

The nose start with sharp & spicey, salted dough, piney gas funk. Then comes some kind of humid, greasy creamy layer, almost like melted butter that carries on sweeter notes like the cherry/floral. Is not very loud but it’s hella refined & multi layered.

The tastes is even stronger than the nose & offers a gourmet like experience. Low temp vaping is where it’s at to get the most out of that cherry/floral cream terp. The spicy doughy funk hits you instantly on the inhale, composed from pine fuel & heavy baked dough elements, it evolves in a sweet buttery cream terp that definitely evokes the cherry/guava/floral from the cherry pie/gelato heritage. The exhale leaves you with the sour doughy gas & lingering sweet cream on the palate with crazy aftertaste, turning you in a terp whore craving for the next puff 🤪. One of the best tasting cookie hybrid I ever have no fuckin cap, the umami is definitely here 🤤🏆💯

Effects wise it’s no surprise that this strain is a heavy indica dom hitter 🚀 It’s that super stoney, mood lifting & anti depressant cookie high we all love when done properly. Instant head rush, heavy weight couchlock action, you feel stupidly good & relaxed for hours on end, eventually leaving you sleepy af 😴

This type of effects is my personal holy grail in the cannabis spectrum & is also the reason why I rate the cookie/sherb/gelato strain so highly in general.

To end this review I would say that i’m blown away by the breeding work done by @umamiseedco , not only it fits the flavour over everything motto, but is also ticks all the other boxes, from crazy porn like bag appeal to outstanding medicinal effects. I’m so hyped up about these pheno hunts done by @supersayanfarm & I’m already looking forward to the next umami seed one. But please bring back that fire biscochi in the rotation too 🙏😍

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French cannabis lover, that became hooked when first growing OG & Haze in high school.

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French cannabis lover, that became hooked when first growing OG & Haze in high school.

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