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Strain Review: Curacao OG by Afro Genetics

Curaçao OG 🇨🇼🌿🌹🍹🎂🌲⛽️ (Durban Dog x Ice Cream Cake) Bred & grown by @potcoins @afro.genetics Lineage/Genetics: Durban Dog x Ice Cream Cake Original Breeder: Afro Genetics Grower: Afro Genetics

Curacao OG Strain Review

– – Mini sample review ——————————— – Potcoins must have been really inspired when breeding this curaçao OG. A strong carribbean vibe is emanating from this strain making it a tribute to his origin country. Whether it’s the bright & colourful look, the sweet & spicy cocktail of terps or the warming/uplifting effects 🇨🇼🔥 – The nose right of the jar is that sweet herbal spice (rose/anis) screaming the afrogen’s own Durban Dog cut (Durban x OG Dog) I am able to recognize. When squeezing the bud you release a faint vanilla cream with the wedding cake mintiness. The synergy between the Durban & Cake strains is absolutely amazing on the palate, creating a unique blend that makes you feel like you re sippin on a delicious carribbean cocktail. – The high starts with clear headed energy, head pressure, positive feeling. This initial impression is followed by a more indica, deep zen state that I attribute to the ICC heritage & lasts for hours on. Looking forward to vape this strain again because I feel like I need to spend more time to understand her uniqueness. – Thanks again to @potcoins & the @the_hague_connaisseur for creating & sharing those lovely strains, @afro.genetics crew always have a special place in my heart 🏆❤️🔥 Please give these guys a follow, solid work & authentic vibes 🙏 #afrogenetics – – #strainreviews #strainreview #cannabiscommunity #icecreamcake #durbandog #420 #cannabisculture #curacao
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French cannabis lover, that became hooked when first growing OG & Haze in high school.

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French cannabis lover, that became hooked when first growing OG & Haze in high school.

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