Strain Review: Purple Thunder by COTC Gardens

Brand @cotc_gardens

Strain- Purple Thunder #purplethunder

Lineage- (Ice Cream Cake x Gelato 33)

Original Breeder: Reeferman Seeds

Grower: COTC Gardens

Teprene Profile: Unknown

Purple Thunder Strain Review

Not the best photo I have uploaded but hey let’s just post it. Mad love to @cotc_gardens for allowing me to review this Purple Thunder and what can you say. Another hitter to the lungs and a strain that will keep you lifted and happy during your duration. A beautiful looking flower with some nice colors ( Hints of purple hues, along with those orange hairs and that light green leafs). The aroma is so gassy and the sweet tart. But also will make your nostrils twitch because of the aroma.
An Indica strain with the following effects: uplifting feeling,europhic and relaxation.
Rating: 8/10.
Indica Flower.
Nug size-Medium.
Package to Weight: Yes.
Cultivation & Package: 2021.
Price:Ranges up to Sixty + Tax.



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