Cultivar Review: Suga King by Tyson 2.0

Suga King is a cross of Mac Daddy(Granddaddy X,a pheno of GDP, *MAC) and Jelly Breath(Mendobreath*Dosidos) originally bred by @inhousegenetics.official.

Lineae/Genetics: Mac Daddy x Jelly Breath

Original Breeder: In House Genetics

Grower: Tyson 2.0

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Suga King Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Bag Appeal

SK- Mostly smalls with 3 prominent dense violet to sage green buds that break down to dust. Very nice trichome gleam that is spoiled by machine trimmed holes. Bright carrot colored pistils in thick patches help bring an exotic look. 21/25


SK- Very wet musty basement smells that dominate even after breakdown. Grassy chlorophyll aroma takes away from a gassy grape that is barely accented due to bad dry/curing. 10/25


SK- Taste better than I thought with bits of dark berry, chalky grape candy, and petrol. Vegetal funk on the dry pull that burns down with salt and pepper ash and small resin ring. 16/25


SK- Medium body buzz with more heavy head feels that last 30-45min. Where is the Tyson knockout punch. 19/25

SK- 66 points



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