Strain Review: King Louie XIII from tru|med dispensary

King Louie XIII (OG Kush x LA Confidential) from

Lineage/Genetics: OG Kush x LA Confidential

Original Breeder: Unknown

Dispensary: tru|med dispensary

King Louie XIII Strain Review

I believe this was my first time trying this strain and I was told trumed is well known for their Louie. Considering it has OG Kush cross in there you already know I was excited to get into this one!

First glance you get reminded of classic OG. Thick light/dark green buds with an ungodly amount of trichome and pistol production. I can’t stop thinking how these hairs are so damn long that they curl up which makes the nugs look infested with dead daddy long leg spiders🕷

Crack the child proof seal and a wave of sweet piney herbal musky kush flows through your nostrils. However once you bust that nug it’s like you turned on surround sound🔊 Absolute stank punch you in the face musky pine with a citrus on the backend⛽️🌲🍋 Just that classic clean kush aroma that you can’t beat.

Flavor was sadly on the milder side consisting of musky earth with a dash of spivey pepper. But the aftertaste is where it gets dank. Few seconds after the exhale your mouth is coated in that amazing classic kush flavor creating the classic lip smack. Reminded me very much of Kosher Kush.

So when I first smoked this with the homie @cannapediareviews little over a week ago, it did not hit like it did today. The first time it didn’t even feel like an indica mostly just slight stoney head feeling and really no body relaxation at all. However that little extra cure did way more than I thought it would. This time I was hit with a super spaced out feeling, very non focused, and that classic “damn, i’m really stoned.” lines keep playing in your head. To add on to the list your eyelids turn into military grade sandbags and for the cherry on top; the infamous couch lock🛋🔒 Top Tier relaxation leaving you wanting to do nothing more than just chill and ride the wave🌊

This just goes to show how much “uncured” bud is being put on the shelves. The HARVEST date on this was 11/1 and was smoked 11/15 and then 11/24. That little window can be the difference between Top shelf quality and mid shelf quality. If you’re paying $60 for an eighth why would you not want it Top shelf?

If the people in the cannabis community continue to support and enjoy rushed product then companies will, with pleaser, continue to half ass and speed up the curing process because they know 85% of the people can’t even point out the difference between properly cured bud and poorly cured bud. Therefore they’re taking advantage of the lack of knowledge in the community, hence why everyday you see Top shelf flower not meet the Top shelf quality. We NEED to start educating ourself more or else these growers will just continue to finesse us out of our money.

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Check out more reviews by @slumpysmokes on Instagram! (

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