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Concentrate Review: Tahoe OG Live Resin Badder

TAHOE OG LIVE RESIN BADDER Via: @billionare_extracts Lineage/Genetics: OG Kush x SFV OG Original Breeer: Ganja Guru

Tahoe OG Live Resin Badder Review

The second item I picked up from my meetup with @billionare_extracts was a Tahoe OG Live Resin Badder. This Tahoe OG concentrate arrives as an extremely potent looking wet, sauce like consistency glistening with a sheen of fresh terps and a bright blond hue. Whipping up the badder prior to take a dab, the concentrate takes on a “sugar-in-honey” appearance with its individuals granules gleaning from a frosting like texture. This Tahoe OG badder has a serious funk to it. Opening the jar, the senses are hit with a rubbery, chemmy, candied citrus bite. Firing up a dab, the concentrate opens up into a delicious piney, sweet and skunky OG flavor with strong hints of lemon pledge throughout. Despite this description of some pretty strong and contrasting components, hits are smooth, full bodied and certain hits taste just like Sprite. I found this Tahoe OG Badder to be the ideal rainy day/lazy day companion. Classically OG in its effects, this badder smacks fast and hard landing right behind the eyes and the forefront of the head. Initially (and temporarily) cerebrally uplifting and creative, the high soon drifts heavier, acting like a glaze over both mind and body. The strain Tahoe OG is heralded for its nighttime Indica effects, and this badder is no different. #Budfinder • • • • #dcbud #dc420 #420 #dcweed #mdweed #stoner #marijuana #dccannabisculture #strainfinder #thc #dccannabis #dcdabbers #puffpuffpass #dopesmoke #dmv420 #topshelf #stoner #whiteashonly #cleanmeds #i71 #livebadder #liveresin #badder #tahoeog
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Check out more reviews by @budfinderdc on Instagram! (

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