Strain Review: Compton Landrace by Masonic Smoker


By: @_masonic__smoker

Via: @districtflorist

Lineage/Genetics: Face Off OG x I-95 Stardwag x Banana OG x Papaya x Tropicana F2 x MAC x Peanut Butter Breath

Original Breeder: Masonic Seeds

Grower: Masonic Smoker

Compton Landrace Strain Review

Compton Landrace is not your everyday strain. A “Motor Mouth Open Pollination Project,” it is my understanding the strain was pollinated via naturally occurring, ‘open-air’ means. I won’t even attempt to nail the specific lineage, however the strain is said to include FaceOff OG, i-95 Stardawg, Banana OG, Papaya. Tropicana F2, M.A.C., and a male Peanut Butter Breath. I am no growing expert, feel free to correct me. The result of this complex web of genetics is one beautiful Martian-like strain. In proper lighting, this cut of Compton Landrace ‘glows’ with an overabundant layer of trichomes, a pale complexion of jade/sea foam greens and blueviolet to mauve purples, and an eruption of thin, wiry, carrot colored pistils.

Compton Landrace takes the cake for one of the most perplexing, unique, yet delicious smokes experienced in 2020. Fresh out of the jar, the strain smells like Sprite – lemon, lime, light and floral with a slightly sour twist. While the flavor predominately favors that same description, it took a few hits to capture the essence of much more subtle tones. Lemon citrus, orange peel and a smooth lavender really pop during the inhale, with the exhale exposing an earthy, sour kush on the backend.

You’ll feel the initial onset and punch of Compton Landrace almost instantaneously, but it takes a few minutes for the full array of effects to truly set in. Initially hazy and floaty yet energetic and uplifting, Compton Landrace finds that a real sweet spot within the trifecta of power, functionality, and therapeutic effects. Unlike your classic Sativas, Compton Landrace enables the upmost relaxation and stress reduction amidst a floaty, unfocused trance forcing the body to forget its ailment, subtly taking weight off the limbs. Yet, despite its strength and long-lasting grip, the strain never takes too heavy a toll and can be smoked throughout the day.


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