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Hash Review: Swamp Water Fumez Rosin by Helios Hash

Swamp Water Fumez

Lineage/Genetics: OG KUSH BREATH 2.1 x CANDY FUMEZ

Original Breeder: Unknown

Processor: Helios Hash @helios_hash

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Swamp Water Fumez Hash Rosin Review

swamp water fumez rosin by helios hash hash review by cali_bud_reviews 2.jpg

Appeal: 9.5/10
Golden cold cure rosin with creamy amber-white undertones highlighted with white speckles visible through the smooth, clean, juicy terp soaked surface. The rosin is thick & creamy, but with a slight sauciness that’s revealed after a few scoops and later transitions into a nice wet goopy badder, that packs together into a squishy brainy texture but whips into a thick wet cake batter like texture that settles back into a moist creamy cold cure goop.

Aroma Profile: 9.5/10 Nose Volume: 9.52/10
I was expecting something a lot more funky vulgar & abrasive, but it only has an enjoyable swampy floral musk that’s light & fits the complexities of the profile well. The nose leads with a sour dank gassy lemon-fuel herbal kush base, with a blueberry grape sherby minty creamy floral pine-menthol overtone that blends into both of the primary undertones equally- one being a sweet sugary rainbow candy lime citrus zkittley terp, & the other being the LIGHT earthy swampy musky floral terp. The nose is complex, but has nice clarity as well as a pretty loud nose, making it easier to dissect the complexity of the profile.

Vapor: 9.5/10 Flavor: 9.5/10 Burn: 9.6/10 Cleanliness: 9.7/10
The vapor is especially clean, & the flavor well balanced- which ensures enjoyability in a potential profile like this. It leads w/ sherby creamy floral minty pine backed by a light sour-swampy earthy musk & gassy kush that is nicely accented by a lung punching lemon fuel & stands out with its undeniably sweet sugary candy citrus zkittlez undertone that nicely accompanies the sherb & light muskiness. The vapor cleanliness & flavor clarity makes it easy to both identify & enjoy the sherby/zkittley candy undertones as well as the light musk that’s not abrasive or overly funky at all. The lung expansion is moderate, but the vapor is extremely smooth, creamy, & delicious leaving a nice aftertaste of a sour dank gassy musky floral sherby candy-desert profile.

🫠 🚀 9.3/10
Effects: 8.9/10 Potency: 9.3/10 Onset Strength: 9.6/10 Duration: 9/10
It starts with a powerfully intense onset, with a growing chest pressure that coincides with the gassy kush’s expando lung punch. It leads to focus, motivation, & creativity with a simultaneous 45ish minute burst of energy to the body & legs. It has a slight short lived body tension that comes with the rush but it actually feels quite pleasant all things considered. The bake during the onset is nice & toasty, setting in on the temples with a nice euphoric glow to the heads and shoulders as well as a moderate low eye. Its onset is uplifting but Stoney at the same time. But its little bit of intensity and it’s minor body tension & chest pressure finally breaks free and that euphoric relaxing calming intoxication washes over the chest body and legs, leading you into the more restful part of the buzz where body is rested and the mind is at ease for the remaining hour & 15 minutes ish.

Overall: 9.53/10
I really loved this jar. One of the main points I’d like to make in the summary is that the ‘swamp water’ in the name is slightly misleading- in a really good way for my preferences.. if your hesitant of this jar from that part of the name, don’t be- The ‘swamp water’ is basically just a light floral creamy musky note, considering the heavy amounts of dill pickled lemon fuel herbal og kush & heavy presence of creamy blueberry vanilla floral pine menthol sherb & it’s sugary sweet candy citrus undertones the ‘swampiness’ is basically just a light earthy floral sour musk and is not the really funky swampiness you may find in popular funk-swamp strains like some phenos of sour power og, southern toad, or some gmo / styrofoam cup crosses and is more of the gassy/sherby musk backed by sugary candy. The vapor is always super satisfying with Helios, even if the strain was more funky-swampy, the cleanliness of the vapor rules all for me- which Helios brings to the table consistently. No distortion, bite, throatiness, or plantiness whatsoever! Just a whole lotta gas, sherby cream, musk, & candy with perfect proportions that blend together perfectly but also stand out from each other nicely. Another point to make is the jar list the genetics as a candy OG cross, but it’s actually a candy Fumez cross that’s bringing forth the Zherby parts of the profile. There was only a handful of jars with this labeling (they had caught it quickly) but incase anymore slipped through it should be noted it’s a ogkb2.1 x candy Fumez cross. All around a super solid jar, as to be expected with a bloom/helios combination. Shout out @dabndip710 for the @helios_hash jars!

swamp water fumez rosin by helios hash hash review by cali_bud_reviews

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Check out more reviews by @cali_bud_reviews on Instagram ( and YouTube (!

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