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Hash Review: Rainbow Guava #3 Rosin by Helios Hash

Rainbow Guava 3 @helios_hash @helioscollective @dabndip710 Lineage/Genetics: Rainbow Belts x Strawberry Guava Breeder: Bloom Seed Co Processor: Helios Hash Terpene Profile: Unknown

Helios Hash Rainbow Guava 3 Rosin Review

rainbow guava 3 rosin by helios hash hash review by cali_bud_reviews The jar opens to reveal a chunky, bulbous cold cure mound of a golden honey color w/ white tan undertones. The rosin is stable, but super squishy, fatty, & buddery, slicing off and scooping in slick, moist, fatty/jammy chunks. The badder tech breakdown has that classic squishy/brainy blubbery self absorbing texture, & releases a shining wet terp layer thats present on every consistency you work it to. The terps are loud, leading w/ zkittley rainbow belts overtones of pungent sugary grapefruit candy & tangy citrus terps, w/ a dominant base of funky moonbow terps, that are herbal gassy N nutty, w/ a heavy presence of pungent southern chem diesel fuel, behind that, is a tropical strawberry banana citrus that blends w/ a sweet but funky guava fruit, that’s especially funky, skunky, & fermented, w/ a pungent fruit funk that has a touch of garlic, chem, & fish fried meatiness that really blends into the moonbows funky diesel perfectly. The nose had great nose volume, especially when you break into the rosin, releasing a far reaching permeating gas layer, heavy with pungent fuel while also having amazing clarity of the sugary citrus candy & the tropical fruity funk profile alike. The vapor was excellent, a beautiful combination of sugary candy citrus fuel, herbal nutty funk, southern chem diesel, & strawguava rotten fruit funk (that really brings forth the meatiness). The zkittley sugary pungency punches the nostrils & lungs w/ a mild expando lung, while the exhale was loaded w/ the southern bourbon chem diesel nutty funk & the strawguavas fermented fishy fruit funk, doubling down on the funkiness the candy/tropical profile has to offer. Towards the end of session doughy rainbow florals are revealed, coating the mouth. The effects are indica relaxing, but it has a nice baseline uplift to keep you productive, happy, & chill during the 2.75hr buzz of strong strength. I really enjoyed the candy, tropical, pungent profile but the various funks really added unique complexities that kept me grabbing for more! Overall: 9.51/10 rainbow guava 3 rosin by helios hash hash review by cali_bud_reviews 2.jpg NFSOT! 21+ ONLY! #calibudreviews #thehighestcriticpages #helioshash #rainbowguava
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Check out more reviews by @cali_bud_reviews on Instagram ( and YouTube (!

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