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Hash Review: Grape Drip Rosin by Beachside Solventless

Grape Drip @beachside_solventless Blend: Grape Cream Cake + Papaya Drip Processor: Beachside Solventless Terpene Profile: Unknown

Grape Drip Rosin Review

grape drip rosin by beachside solventless hash review by cali_bud_reviews This jar was a really nice combination of grape cream cake & papaya drip. I’ve had 2 jars of this cultivar from beachside that were about 3 months apart. The quality was consistent & highly satisfactory across both batches. The first jar (photos 1-5) opens to show a beautiful wet moist creamy badder in circular saucer formation of white-tan color w/ beige & light amber undertones. The second jar (# 6-10) was more of stacked mound of cold cure rosin badder w/ a bit more chunky stability, as well as a touch more of amber-gold coloring- but w/ the same general appearance, moisture, shape & inner consistency; that was revealed to have the soggy mushy mashed potato type of consistency during its fatty, squishy, chunky badder tech breakdown. The terps have a sweet N creamy gassy grape lead, w/ a delicious sweet fruity blueberry adjoining the sour-dank grape, backed w/ a frosting-like vanilla cakey creaminess, as well as nice a pinch of chem-diesel fuel w/ undertone of earthy floral pine-menthol. Blending into the backside of the grape cream cake terps, is that undeniable sweet, funky, & skunky papaya drip complexion, made from a strawberrry banana peach papaya combination, that withholds an orange citrus hazey herbal fuel as well as a pinch of pungent fermented fruit funk that trails off into the raunchiness of classic foot funk. The rosin melts clean, & the vapor tastes pretty clean, as well as being mostly smooth w/ hardly any distortion. The terps translate accurately, w/ nice flavor strength. The grape cream cake terps set the base of the vapor flavor, bringing its supreme creamy smoothness & fruity gassy fuel to the table- fully loading grapes, blueberry’s, lavender florals, vanilla cream, chem diesel fuel & pine-menthol vapor rub to the mouth, inhale, & half of the exhale. In the vapor flavor the papaya drip makes more of an appearance than it did in the nose, especially in the exhale & aftertaste where it’s sweet juicy fruity tropical citruses & pungent fermented funky fuel shines through the most. Overall Satisfaction (2 jar avg): 9.39/10 The effects were highly enjoyable, with a nice box-checking relaxing intoxication with a nice semi-heaviness accompanied by a nice happy social uplift, it’s great to start the day Stoney but motivated or to sesh as a late afternoon entrance to your night- being perfect for watching your favorite series or the pre-dinner sesh. The effects kick off with a nice steady potency rush, that’s not overpowering but has enjoyably strong strength for an hour and half, with an additional hour of a nice restful comedown. Overall this jar was really great, another solid option from the beachside line up. The first jar & second jar seemed to have some minor differences in appeal but were mostly the same across the board. The first jar may have been a little more grapey while the second had a little more papaya drip to her. Both were excellent and highly satisfactory, I would grab it again in a heart beat. grape drip rosin by beachside solventless hash review by cali_bud_reviews 2.jpg NFSOT! REVIEWS 21+ ONLY! #calibudreviews #thehighestcriticpages
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Check out more reviews by @cali_bud_reviews on Instagram ( and YouTube (!

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