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Peach Pie Cold Cure Rosin by Helios Hash

Peach Pie @helios_hash

Lineage/Genetics 🧬: (Zkittlez x Grand Blueberry Pie) x (Zkittlez x (Zkittlez x Dosidos)

Original Breeder: Green Fire Genetics @_greenfiregenetics

Processor: Helios Hash

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Peach Pie Rosin Review

Today we take a look at another exclusive import from the northeast- Helios Hash’s Peach Pie. This solvent-less hash rosin comes in cold cure form, having a honey mustard gold color scheme w/ tan & peachy-orange undertones that are highlighted by an exotic display of air bubbles visible throughout the creamy circular patty that’s clear-coated in a greasy wet terp layer. As it warms up outside the fridge, it develops an additional wetness soaking the patty as well as revealing a semi-sauciness that shifts the mound to the tipped side. Working the mound w/ the dab tool reveals a texture that is fatty n squishy, but also wet n mushy- that whips into a thick creamy cake batter like consistency that settles into a soft, semi-saucy, waxy creamy badder. The terps are unique & complex, leading w/ a pungent candied peach fuzz, that’s partially creamy & doughy but is mostly sweet, citrusy & herbal-hazey. Behind the creamy peach candy haze is a light presence of cranberry-grape jam terps that blend into a bold blueberry blackberry bourbon funk thats overshadowed by a thick fumey motor oil dosi-diesel that’s contrasted by a primary overtone of zkittley candy citrus fuel that’s loaded w/ sour-grapefruit & sugary lime-salt pungency that withholds hints of tangy but sweet citrus honey. The remaining undertones of gassy lemon dankness, herbal spices, & doughy creamy florals have an earthy sappy pine-menthol finish that has a vapor-rub like delivery to the nostrils. The vapor was clean w/ incredibly strong flavor strength that coats the mouth w/ a long lasting aftertaste of creamy peach candy. The inhale & exhale were extremely powerful & pungent, w/ a moderate expando lung pressure thats mostly smooth w/ a light heaviness accompanying the hefty gases, citruses & fuels. The melt & burn was mostly clean, having fat flavorful clouds for about 1:40 before cashing out to a slightly dark orange-ish brown residue that cleans up w/ 2 glob mops.

peach pie cold cure rosin by helios hash hash review by cali_bud_reviews

Vapor Flavor 9.6/10
(Mouth): Sweet peach citrus, herbal spicey citrus haze, doughy waxy creamy peach, sweet sugary citrus candy, florals, cranberry/blueberry grape pie like undertones
(Inhale): pungently gassy. sweet sugary zkittley candy citrus, zesty grapefruit/lime, dosi-diesel, chem-diesel, gassy lemon fuel, earthy kush, & pine-mentholatum vapor rub
(Exhale): sweet but pungent candy peach, bold bourbon fumey motor oil diesel, herbal haze, sugary zkittlez candy fuel.
(Aftertaste): doughy-peach flavored zkittley citrus candy with bold bourbon & diesel undertones.

Flavor strength: 9.6/10
Cleanliness: 9.3/10
Distortion/Plantiness: 0/10
Lung expansion: 8.5/10
Smoothness: 9.3/10
Melt: 9/10
Cashout: 8.4/10

OA: 9.47/10

Effects 8.8/10 Potency 9.35/10
The effects hit with a hard hitting potency rush, that’s euphoric with a strong endorphin release that promotes initial energy, focus, & motivation with a nice toastiness setting in behind it that eventually creeps to the forefront of the buzz with a relaxing Stoney vibe. After the first hour the relaxation increases into a moderately heavy sedation while the initial uplift vanishes. This one hits like a roller coaster ride with its sharp euphoric increase followed by a moderate restful decrease that carries enjoyable entourage effects that helped me to eliminate pain, stress, anxiety & depression while being nicely stoned throughout both stages for a grand total of 2.25hrs.

Overall Satisfaction: 9.47/10
I really loved this representation of peach pie. I have had the cultivar before but Helios version of it is loaded with a bunch of zkittlez traits- setting it apart from the previous brands terp profile of peach pie. The peach and zkittlez influences are delicious but are greatly magnified by the light grapey undertones as well as the bold bourbon blueberry & heavy dosi-diesel terps. This one hit tons of preferences- especially in the nose, vapor flavor & sesh but it also has solid performance from start to finish. From what I can tell, you can basically pick any jar of the Helios line up and it will have top notch customer satisfaction. Shout out @dabndip710 for looking out tough on the out of state exclusives. 🙏

peach pie cold cure rosin by helios hash hash review by cali_bud_reviews 2.jpg

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Check out more reviews by @cali_bud_reviews on Instagram ( and YouTube (!

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