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Strain Review: Dr. 41 by Stone Heads

Dr.41, by Stone Heads

Happy 4/20! I promised I had a couple goodies in store for you all. Smooth sailing onto a new strain that caught my attention just off the packaging, I will say I’m really excited about this review and what else is to come from this brand. They had me shell shocked when I found out that it was Tiki who tipped the hats off and blessed them with the fruits of the greatest grows. Bag appeal definitely is something else on this one and that goes beyond the bag itself. Inside, you will find its contents that will contain an invigorating experience that definitely will line up your thoughts on this strain. Peep out the insights below!

Testing in at a high 27.43%, this strain will satisfy your pop cravings!

Bred by: Tiki Madman (@tikimadman) Grown by: Stone Heads (@stoneheads.detroit) Genetics: Detroit Runtz x Gelato 41 Taste: 8/10; The taste on the Dr.41 is exactly how I imagined it, a dark pop with a candy taste upon inhale, and gelato gassy taste on the exhale. Darker/Purple weed tends to be a bit more flavorful in my experience, and although it is not my preferred cup of tea, I really enjoyed the high on this one. One thing I will say and die on that hill is that anything with Tiki’s hand on it is an automatic win in my book. Paired with my favorite strain, Detroit Runtz, I definitely enjoyed the taste on this and it is a unique smoke that would definitely bring me back to buy it again. Smoke: 9/10; One thing I want to highlight about this strain in particular, is the bag appeal and how it matches with the categories of taste and smell. This is definitely a unique strain in how the bag appeal draws you to drinking your favorite dark pop, the smell is just so alluring, the taste and smoke of Dr.41 is within the criteria of bag appeal. The grow of this strain was done really well and had a 70/30 balance of dense to fluffy that also showed well. When it broke down, you notice the qualities of the slight fluffy texture of the bud and how it is not as overly dense as it looks! The pictures definitely do not do it enough justice, you have to get your hands on this. The high of this is straight in the chest and quite a heavy hitter, leaving a couch-lock and making quite the great nighttime bud.
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