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Hash Review: Papaya Drip Rosin by Beachside Solventless

Papaya Drip cold cure rosin @beachside_solventless

Lineage/Genetics: Papaya x Strawberry Banana

Breeder: Oni Seed Co.

Processor: Beachside Solventless

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Papaya Drip Rosin Review

papaya drip cold cure rosin by beaachside solventless hash review by cali_bud_reviews

Continuing on w/ the BeachSide Mini-Series started in January, we have the Papaya Drip. The light golden beige pitchers mound shaped cold cure rosin has white & yellow undertones w/ a hint of orange underneath & surface ridges that give it the appearance of a wrinkly knuckle. The rosin is thick, creamy, & stable, but has a nice moisture that’s revealed on the badder tech break down- flexing a mushy, wet, creamy, mashed potato like consistency, that puts back together in a smooth, squishy, brainy slab.

The nose is pretty damn loud, leading with a delicious fruity, creamy, tropical, strawberry banana floral yogurt sweetness, that’s backed with a heavy amount of peach, papaya, mango, & a tropical funky skunky orange citrus herbal hazey pungency that withholds a tiny pinch of fermented fruit funk that gives it a gassy hooch-like finish. The sweet fruity tropical funk terps also have a nice amount of dank lemon fuel, & some light chem diesel behind that. The session is amazing, translating the aroma profile to vapor-flavor perfectly, without a single hint of background nose or distortion.

The sweet strawberry banana tropical creamy sweetness & its pungent peach-papaya backside come together perfectly to form a powerful mouth coat of fruity tropical sweetness. The inhale is powered by sharp lime, skunky cheesy orange citrus herbal hazey fuel, & a pinch of garlic funky chem diesel. The exhale is a nice combo of all the terps but puts a slight emphasis on the fermented fruit hooch funk w/ its herbal spices & sweet creamy tropicals.

The rosin melts/burns/smokes super clean & smooth, cashing out to a light golden color that cleans up w/ a single qtip. All around the papaya drip was highly enjoyable, the quality was great, & the performance was top notch. This one was one of my favorite jars from the beachside lineup, w/ amazing terps that matched the vapor flavor perfectly.

Overall Satisfaction: 9.49/10
Nice appeal, amazing terps, & excellent vapor flavor w/ a perfect terp translation & high performance w/ zero flavor distortion.

papaya drip cold cure rosin by beaachside solventless hash review by cali_bud_reviews 2.jpg

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Check out more reviews by @cali_bud_reviews on Instagram ( and YouTube (!

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