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Hash Review: Luke Skywalker’s Puro Papaya Rosin by The Real Cannabis Chris

Luke Skywalkers Puro Papaya @therealcannabis_chris

Lineage/Genetics: Pure Malibu Kush x Papaya

Single Source: The Real Cannabis Chris

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Luke Skywalkers Puro Papaya Fresh Press Rosin Review

luke skywalkers puro papaya fresh press rosin by the real cannabis chris hash review by cali_bud_reviews

Today we take another look at TRCC’s Puro Papaya, this time in the form of fresh-pressed live rosin- which I’ve had 3 jars of recently thanks to San Diego’s @sddankexclusive16 . The jar opens up to reveal a beautiful display of clean, clear, amber freshpress with light yellow-green overtones that develops creamy white tones as it warms up. The sheet of rosin is centered in the jar & extends up the side walls where it folds back over towards the center in a thick tidal wave of rosin that’s filled with mesmerizing surface bubbles.

The terps have a base of sweet sugary lemon lime citrus, sour apple candy, & gassy/earthy sour-dank kush, with a tropical-beachy sea salt / peach-papaya-guava skunky citrus fuel backing thats overshadowed by an incredibly delicious creamy milky coconut smoothie overtone. Before the cure the coconut terps seem to be pretty balanced with the rest of the profile but after the freshpress starts to cure that delicious coconut oil cream is emphasized and takes over the entire profile in both the nose & the vapor flavor. The creamy coconut completely coats the mouth upon the first draw, as well as dominating the exhale & aftertaste.

A combination of sour sugary lemon lime citrus fuel & gassy kush intensify the inhale while the tropical skunky papaya orange guava fruitiness & coconut cream supplies most the vapor flavor. The freshpress burns really clean, tastes really clean, and has medium length session duration- but it’s the hardcore flavor strength combined with the fairly strong lung expansion that really has me loving this one.

This jar has medium strength onset potency, that has some initial uplift/focus and pleasant euphoria with a nice toasty relaxing intoxication behind it that settles into eyes & body for 2 hours off a small dab. I really loved this jar for the coconut dominate terp translation after it starts to cure, it’s probably my favorite way to taste this cultivar and had me selecting it repeatedly.


luke skywalkers puro papaya fresh press rosin by the real cannabis chris hash review by cali_bud_reviews 2.jpg


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Check out more reviews by @cali_bud_reviews on Instagram ( and YouTube (!

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