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Strain Review: Northern Hashplant by Bobby Mac’s Personals

Bobby Mac Northern Hashplant 🌎 🥦 Review Lineage/Genetics: Northern Lights x Hash Plant Original Breeder: Unknown Grower: Bobby Mac

Bobby Mac Northern Hashplant Strain Review

. @bobbymacspersonals @sjweedreview @roddy31st 🔈 . 🌎Skunky, earthy, herbal musk with invigorating piney menthol fuel notes getting stronger as you break down. . 🦨Dense tight packed big nugs. Fern green with hairy, peppery, amber-orange pistils with violet colors developing on the outer leaves. Breaks down easy into soft fine pieces great for joints and bowls. . 🔥Earthy, herbal flavor with a skunky peppery kick. The inhale is smooth with an Earth taste. Ahen you exhale, you taste a drier herbal flavor with a pepper like aftertaste . 🚂A Heady, tranquil high.Mood regulating effects pair with a spacey focus making it a great strain for a relaxing Sunday afternoon. Your body relaxes as your mind gets a slight creative boost ,great for working on hobbies or just enjoying whatever the day brings.
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