Strain Review: King Louis by THC Design

King Louis 👑🤴🏿Review Late Post
Woman owned

Lineage/Genetics: OG KushL.A. Confidential

Original Breeder: Green Man Cannabis

Grower: THC Design

King Louis Strain Review

founder @jairia_pass
23.55% Total THC
25.47% THCa
0.06% Total CBD
28.03% Total Active Cannabinoids
Top Terpenes
Myrcene, Limonene, Caryophyllene.
👑Potent smooth sweeter spicy earth, flavor and aroma with a presence of pine and citrusy hops.
⚜️Super strong high that shoots straight to your head sending you to the moon. Your mood and overall vibe will be elevated. A great smoke for anytime you want to relax or need to fight some insomnia. Expect super relaxing mind and body body effects with effective pain relieving qualities.
🖤Super sticky, chunky, dark green nugs with a fluffy kushy structure. sparkling trichomes cover every inch of the flower as dart amber pistils reach their way passed the outer leaves.
@thcdesign has been one of my favorite brands since the Space Oddity I tried back in maybe 2015*I highly recommend

💯 Actually just finished a jar of some King Louis today.

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