Strain Review: Cream Crashers by Connoisseurz Brand

The Cream Crashers strain 🍦💥Review

Lineage/Genetics: Unknown

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: Connoisseurz Brand

Dispensary: Canna Culture

Cream Crashers Strain Review

cream crashers by connoisseurz brand strain review by 2.
@soufsidetitus -do the most🔈
21.25% Total THC
25.37% Total Cannabinoids
🍨Big, chunky with denser colas but there is fluffy kush like structure to the flower. The nugs have a darker ,oxford blue &onyx kix of purple with forest green finding a way to show itself throughout thw flower. The pistils are long and hairy with a vivid tan /orange hue.
💥A slightly more gassy fuel ended smoke compared to the cb Cake, still has a sweet creamy flavor with some earthy tones. This one seemed a little more potent but in my opinion both strains are pretty equal.
🌎The high was a little more active than the cb cake. In comparison ro the CB Cake, my mind felt slightly more wired, and i found myself zoning out and misplacing things a little more often. Great for low energy activities like taking a walk. Irecommend getting a little active to help really enjoy the experience.

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