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Strain Review: CB Cake by Connoisseur Brandz

CB Cake 🎂💥Review Lineage/Genetics: Unknown Original Breeder: Unknown Grower: Connoisseurz Brand Dispensary: Canna Culture

CB Cake Strain Review

. @bigtone @connoisseurz_brand @coastalroots @thinkinkcannabis @cannaculturesanjose @green_leaf_labs_bay_area @e40 -M.O.B. 🔈🔈 . 29.28% Total THC 35.06% Total Cannabinoids . 🎂Off white sugary trichomes give the colors of this flower a faded look; Exactly what you’ll be after experiencing the body relaxing, healing mind calming effects of the faded fern green leaves with spots of darker mauve and violet light brown pistils with a subtle orange tint compliment and help the more purple toned leaves stand out. . 💥A sweeter, earth & creamy cake flavor upfront with a mild fuel taste on the exhale that’s a little harsh on your throat about half way through . The aroma is a pungent creamy mix of sweet earth & a present but muted skunky fuel notes. . 🙌🏿A full body high that starts in your head. a sharp sensation will seemingly cut through all your worries as you body fills with a relaxing cloud. Great for night time just before bed.
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