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Strain Review: OG Kola by Cherry Kola Farms

#ogkola 🥤 OG Kola by Cherry Kola Farms #cherrykola x #skywalkerog x #CK159 . 23.73% #thc Lineage/Genetics: Cherry Kola x Skywalker OG x CK#159 Indica or Sativa: Indica dominant Hybrid Original Breeder: Cherry Kola Farms Grower: Cherry Kola Farms Dispensary: Canna Culture

OG Kola Strain Review

S/o @cherrykolafarms_ @cannaculturesanjose. . . 🥤Medium sized Dark and vibrant green nugs dusted with #trichomes. Soft dense sticky nugs with thin brown hairs. . 😋Strong earthy aroma with deep pine and citrus undertones and a hint of cola (check out @cannaculturesanjose website for a list of #terpenes. . Strong pine flavor with the earthyness balancing it out with a nice slight cola after taste . 🖤Nice smooth and mild smoke ,Easy on the throat. Slow burning and consistent flavor. . Strong high and fast acting. Great for day time and socializing and being active or being creative and getting lost in your zone.(definitely expect to get lost in time) . . #sjweedreview #sjweedreviews #cannabisreviews #cannabisculture #bayareacannabiscommunity #cannabiscommunity
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