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Strain Review: Mother’s Milk by Stackhouse

Mother’s Milk 🤱🏿🍼 Lineage/Genetics: (Nepali OGAppalachia) Original Breeder: Bodhi Seeds Grower: Stackhouse Dispensary: Canna Culture

Mother’s Milk Strain Review

Sativa Dominant Hybrid . 33.96% THC . @cannaculturesanjose @stackviewca @stackview . 🛸 The aroma is pungent and has earthy/woodsy notes of sweet creamy lemon and deep heavy notes of powered milk. . 🥛A sweet creamy earthy flavor with hints of citrus. Each hit is super potent and smooth with a citrusy backend. . 💯Big, beautiful, super sticky, bright green nugs with a more unrefined hairy look. The leaves arent too tightly packed keeping a kushy appearance. Darker green hues develop on the outer leaves while long bright creamy orange pistils create a complementing contrast with the hues of greens. The terps most definitely resonate fromthe super thick layers of shining trichomes covering each nug. . 🔥Potent functional heady high that eases into relaxation. From the first few puffs ai could feel a euphoric feeling slowly begin to take over my mind. About half way through the blunt I found my mood completely enchanced and growing with a nice slight boost of creativity and serenity to follow. The come down is slow and relaxing on your mind and body coming in relaxing waves that seemingly wash your burdens away. Great for minor achea and pains, managing stress and fatigue, a great anytime smoke.
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