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Hash Review: Island Time Rosin by Wizard Rozin

Island Time @wizard_rozin

Lineage/Genetics: Unknown

Processor: Wizard Rozin

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Island Time Rosin Review

island time rosin by wizard rozin hash review by cali_bud_reviews

The jar opens to a centered ball of cold cure rosin resembling the shape of a swollen Martian brain. The color is yellow-gold w/ white swirls that behold occasional bubbles & amber freckles slightly visible through the clean surface. The rosin is stable but super moist, w/ a light perspiration of terps forming on the surface as a greasy wetness soaks the outers. The rosin breaks off into fatty squishy chunks that badder tech into a wet creamy patty. The aroma is a loud delicious breezy tropical profile that leads w/ a funky fruitiness, that combines peaches n papaya, w/ a banana-mango-guava-pineapple citrus overtone as well as juicy raspberry-kiwi sweetness & cherry-chocolate tootsie roll chewiness that’s backed by a moderate dose of zesty orange citrus herbal haze that brings a skunky cheesiness to the profile as well as undertones of pink florals, coconut cookie, & strawberry-cranberry cream while having minor hints of herbal spices, garlic chem, & lemon fuel.

The guava citrus funk blends a musty foot funk w/ a fermented fruit hooch funk that’s not at all overpowering. All the terps have nice clarity, w/ each note being well balanced, w/o any of them being overly dominant over the others- each moderate strength, but is quite loud w/ all complexities brought together. The vapor flavor is straight sweet n creamy tooty fruity chewy funky tropicals, lead again by peaches n papaya w/ a mango-guava citrus fermented cheesy foot funk pungency backed by an undertone of zesty orange citrus herbal haze, & a light mixture of juicy raspberry-cranberry chewy creamy pink florals, that reveal hints of melon, kiwi, & granny apple. The lung pressure is moderate from the funky fermented garlic chem & lemon fuel while being impressively tasty, smooth, & clean. The oil burns really clean, lasting for full 2 minute durations w/o having any bite, scorch, distortion or plantiness, just full flavor. The oil cashes out to a clean golden amber tan color & cleans up with the swipe of a qtip. The effects have moderate strength, made of a calming euphoric bake, that’s relaxing & stoney for 2hrs.

OA: 9.66/10

island time rosin by wizard rozin hash review by cali_bud_reviews 2.jpg

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Check out more reviews by @cali_bud_reviews on Instagram ( and YouTube (!

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