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From Arkansas to Colorado, covering every corner of the cannabis culture, Miss Cadabra’s Smoke to Smoke Podcast is about to celebrate its 1 year anniversary on 04/18/2023. We’re getting the party started a little early with this old school magazine style interview with Miss Cadabra. To learn more about Miss Cadabra and the Smoke to Smoke Podcast, check out the new website: Website: Smoke to Smoke Podcast Spotify: Apple Podcasts: smoke to smoke podcast the 411 on all things 420

Smoke to Smoke Podcast Host Miss Cadabra Interview

Whereabouts are you from?

I’m from all over! Originally, I was born in Detroit, but I’ve had the chance to live down south for most of my life and develop a funky midwestern southerner accent thanks to it! However, as far as the show is concerned, the show is from Arkansas where I started my medical cannabis journey last year!

What was your first time smoking like?

It was pretty mediocre, actually. I had some skunky funky weed that I ended up wasting on a wildly underwhelming session. I got a nice chunky gram of some sticky weed that I had no idea what to do with, so I did what any genius would do and looked it up on non-incognito mode Google. Google said roll that icky sticky up into a doob, so me, assuming any papers would work, took some oil blotting makeup papers that had a similar look and feel to joint papers, except for the fact I most definitely shouldn’t have been smoking them and I rolled the wettest sloppiest joint possible. I shoved a whole bunch of towels under my bathroom door and turned the fan on, thinking that would be enough to mask the smell, and proceeded to hack and cough my way through. I wasted half a bottle of Febreeze in there, and then got super mega busted by my mom the next day after leaving the empty sack in my jewelry box. My mom knows the smell of her greens, so she found it pretty easy.

What’s your favorite cannabis cultivar (strain)?

See I ask this question to every guest yet when I’m asked myself it’s like making me choose my favorite child and I’m HURT! But, after having some time to think about it. My favorite Arkansan sativa was tied between either Lem Dog or Jazz Cabbage by Bold, while my favorite Indica was Glueball that I got from Tical or Buttermilk biscuits by Delta Revolution. Here, so far I’ve really enjoyed a Sweet lemony Sativa called Speak Easy that’s grown by 12 Peak Farms

Who do you look up to in the cannabis industry?

One person that I’ve always looked up to in the cannabis industry is Wanda James of Simply Pure. She was the very first (and for a long time the only) African American dispensary owner in Colorado. She’s a former Navy lieutenant and political-campaign manager who was appointed to work on President Barack Obama’s National Finance Committee. She’s an inspiration to me, seeing as she’s a powerful black woman who made her mark in the industry, and if I could make a difference at even a fraction of the capacity of Mrs.James, I’d be quite the happy camper.

What are your favorite cannabis podcasts to listen to?

Good question! I have a few different cannabis podcasts that I like to keep in my weekly to biweekly routine, but some of my favorites have been Cannabis School for strain effect analysis, Cannabis Connoisseur, a show that’s great for different conversational points on cannabis being integrated into health and wellness, and Smoking Out the Closet, a podcast that delves into the intersectionality of cannabis and lgbt rights. Each podcast gives me the opportunity to expand my thinking about cannabis, and have each played roles in inspiring how I do my show and keeping my show going for as long as I have so far.

What’s your favorite cannabis book?

Admittedly, I haven’t read a lot of cannabis books. However, of those that I have read, my favorite so far is actually a shorter read called Why Mommy Gets High by a former guest that I’ve had the pleasure of having on the show named Mrs Wendy Brazill. She is such a positive person to interact with and her book really inspired me to start thinking more about how I’m going to address cannabis in the future with my future Mini Cadabras. The book is about those cannamoms that slip a way for a minute or two but come back ready to play and bake cookies with you and lays it out in a way that’s light and digestible for little ones! It’s definitely a children’s book I’ll be keeping on hand for a long time, and it’s provoked from great conversations about the matter for myself and my husband.

What’s your favorite stoner movie?

I really hadn’t seen a lot of classic stoner movies up until recently, but so far my favorite has been How High

What led you to become a medical marijuana patient?

I was tired of the stress associated with the legacy market. The stress of interacting with the police, the potential of having years and sometimes even decades taken away from your life over distribution or possession, the stress of failing a drug test and it holding me back from job opportunities, and the enraging feeling of getting ripped off by some douche because not everybody has your best interest in mind. Obtaining my medical card was my way of solving multiple problems in one, all revolving around that additional unnecessary stress.

What prompted you to start the Smoke to Smoke Podcast?

Well, I’ve always really liked weed. When I first got my medical card last year, I was immediately flooded with so much knowledge on cannabis, terpenes, strains, and all things herbal that I was completely not expecting to be educated on. When I smoke, it’s really easy for me to just talk and talk and keep talking your ear off, so i ultimately noticed that I was talking a whole bunch about what I was learning to my husband– who doesn’t smoke weed practically at all and so mostly had absolutely NO idea what I was talking about– and i could see he was starting to get agitated with me talking over his TV shows. So, I reached out to an old buddy from my grade school days to start the show since I knew that she smoked and would be way more interested in just having casual chats with me about weed because she had an actual connection to it. However, after a few episodes, our passions for the show ultimately didn’t align and some life events came up for her and it became my own thing. I was still very passionate about keeping the show alive because I’ve always been intrigued with talk radio and on a whim after scrolling through instagram for inspiration, I ran into some of my very first guests that said they wanted to be on the show. The interviews were only supposed to be every few weeks, but with the positive response I was getting from it I kinda just ran with it and I’ve managed to have a conversation with a new person from the industry almost every week for almost exactly a year at this point!

When did you know that you wanted to work in this industry?

I really found myself realizing that I wanted to work in this industry when I found a way to take a pastime of mine and turn it into a passion of mine. Which, I don’t feel I was really allowed to do until entering the medical marijuana program and having a complete shift in the conversations I was having about weed. I’ve always liked creative research projects, and I feel that I now have an avenue to expand my creativity, learn more alongside a community about the immense culture surrounding cannabis, and have casual, enlightening conversations instead of stigmatized hushed propaganda which got me nowhere in the past, but was very prominent in the South.

Who is your dream podcast guest?

I had to think about this question for a few days and ultimately I’m stuck between having Wanda James as a guest or Method Man. Both are important figures in the industry that I’ve talked about at various lengths on the show before and I’d like to get the chance to pick their brains about their pathways to success.

What are your goals with the Smoke to Smoke Podcast?

I try to have a lot of methods to interact with me throughout my show, but one goal that I have for the future would be getting more interaction from listeners. I would like to build a community that works together to build each other up for them to grow off of each other’s knowledge and connect over our collective passion for cannabis. I would also like to have some sort of merch when I feel better equipped to handle that aspect of monetization and I definitely want to be able to travel to more events and meet more amazing folks in the industry.

How do you find your guests?

A lot of late night social media surfing. I’m an Insta-Stalker if you will, I do a lot of looking around at my explore feed, my suggested people to follow, and consume a lot of content on people’s pages. I also look to see who they’re following until I find people in the industry who stand out to me for the way they do what they do to stand out in the Cannabis Industry and have a true passion for it. It wasn’t until recently that I’ve been lucky enough to make a shift to where guests from the community have been reaching out to me to be on the show, and it’s really been an honor.

Gotta turn some lightning round questions back on you :), Where can The Highest Critic readers find your work?

For all the episodes of Smoke to Smoke, you can check out the podcast on Apple podcast, Spotify, and any platform that you can stream audio podcasts on. You can find a variety of my creative content throughout various social media platforms like Social Club and Instagram as @smoketosmoke_podcast , you can look up Miss Cadabra on LinkedIn to see some of my commercials and product shots, and soon i hope to be rolling out the website with all my content and episodes in one place! You can definitely check it out now, but it’s still a work in progress.

Any last words you would like to share with our audience?

If you haven’t already, don’t forget to listen to Episode 63 of Smoke to Smoke: “From Mainframe Reviewer to Ganjier Pursuer” to get a listen of when Caleb stopped by the show! And, As always just remember to smoke responsibly, stay medicated, and stay educated!
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