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Blue Candy Popzz by Backpack Boyz

Blue Candy Popzz, by Backpack Boyz

One of my favorite revelations when trying new strains is finding out that they tend to have crosses of your already favorite strains. Reason why I say this is because of the initial strain that I came across before the Blue Candy Popzz, I came across the Red Candy Popz which is a cross of Sweet Potato Pie x Lemon Cherry Gelato. Do keep an eye out for the other version, but this review will mostly focus on Blue Candy Popzz!  I really wish I knew the genetics of this strain which I believe is far no different than its red version. The Backpack Boyz always switch it up and it never ceases to amaze my taste palette for good quality weed. Peep the review insights for the Blue Candy Popzz below!

Bred by: Backpack Boyz (@officialbackpackboyz) (@backpackboyz.monroe), Quality Control Cannabis Detroit (@qccdetroit) & 5Points (

Grown by: Regency Specialties

Genetics: Unknown

Bag appeal never fails to miss with Backpack Boyz.

Taste: 9.5/10; Strong on the sweet and candy taste from this train. Compared to the red candy pops, it had a similar sweet taste, I honestly prefer the blue candy popzz, and I’m usually not a fan of blue anything or blue leaning weed.  If you are fond of very tasty weed, this is definitely a ringer on the sweet and candy profile. I really wish I could’ve learned more about the genetics of this strain because in contrast to the Red Candy Popzz, its counterpart’s genetics are Sweet Potato Pie x Lemon Cherry Gelato. The candy and sweet taste is also paired with a strong gassy taste on a hit, and I’d definitely recommend this if you haven’t had it yet.

Shoutout to @QCCDetroit on this one, definitely be on the lookout for the Red Candy Popzz review.

Smoke: 9.5/10; This was a well enjoyed high, a heavy smoke and definitely a choker on the first inhale. The effects of this strain give a strong body high and just what I expected from Backpack Boyz. I definitely want to also give a shoutout to one of the managers and a few bud tenders at Backpack Boyz Monroe on the recommendation for this one. Fresh off the recommendation was fresh flower nonetheless, and this is easily in my top 5 from Backpack Boyz. If you haven’t got your hands on this yet, I’d definitely stop by and get your hands on this one immediately.

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