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Strain Review: Dirty Doctor by Eza’s Exotics

Dirty Doctor, by Eza’s Exotics

With 4/20 coming up, I have a lot in store for y’all! While I cannot guarantee an every day post, I can promise the consistency leading up to the holiday will be there. This review closes the book shortly on Michigan, but not quite! As we know that Michigan is starting to become the Cali of the Midwest with its variety, the connection to Cali and people bringing their craft this way, let’s expand the pallet. Eza’s Exotics is a brand that started out in Kentucky, I just got into them recently but never thought I’d be able to get my hands on their flower. Well that changed just a few days ago, and I’m proud to say, I got my script and peep the details on what healing this strain can provide for you. We are starting off the Eza Exotics lineup with one that’s guaranteed to get you coming back more, the Dirty Doctor.

The insane amount of frost on the nugs is all more the reason to get your script filled!

Bred by: Eza’s Exotics (@ezasexotics) & Joke’s Up (@jokesup) Grown by: Joke’s Up (@jokesup) Genetics: Lemon Berry Candy OG x Ethos Cookies #16 Taste: 10/10; Our 3.5g prescription of medicine was well crafted in its taste and my shoutout goes to the doctor for the genetics within this craft. Providing exceptional candy terps in pairing with a gassy smell. The flowering of this was taken with heavy consideration, having a sharp limonene profile with a berry candy/cake hint on the backend. One thing I can definitely say, that anything with a stamp of approval from Joke’s Up is almost an automatic win for me. The taste and look of this really brought hope to me in what else to look for next with Eza. Smoke: 10/10; The gassiness of this strain made it a satisfying choker on the smoke, and pairs well with the taste. That’s not usually common around in my experience and is indicative of really well crafted cannabis. Just opening the bag instantly, you can already tell that this is EXOTIC, well grown, and weed to hope for when you open a pack. It’s not always about how the bag looks, and with the Dirty Doctor, its money and care put into it and the shit really SMOKES. I can promise you that once you get your hands on this pack, you’re going to keep coming for more and that’s a guarantee. This is something that easily can be put into my top 10 strains. I’m very excited to try more and hopefully with all the surprises in store I have for April, you’ll definitely be on the edge to read more.

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