420 Hippie Hill to Feature Nouera Wellness Stage and Lounge @ Little Rec Soccer Fields

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Nouera is excited to be an official wellness partner of @hippiehillsf. Join us on the Little Rec Soccer Fields where we will be hosting the Nouera Wellness Stage and Lounge. Visit us for a full day of wellness programming including a Sound Healing session with @sourcefieldsound, guided meditation with Rev @jessimica_lee of @nouera.co, Ganja Yoga with Javiera Kostnee of @greenmagicyoga and many more.

Come and relax in our tea lounge and put on some silent disco headsets provided by @hushconcerts. If you bring your own earbuds and phone, connect to our @discologyio stream for a more elevated experience.

Stay tuned as we publish our full lineup for 420 Hippie Hill Golden Gate Park from 10am – 5pm.

Event Organizer: Nouera

Nouera Wellness Stage and Lounge Full Schedule

The full agenda is listed on Eventbrite, where RSVP’ing is recommended:

“Nouera Wellness Stage:

10:00 am – 420 Hippie Hill gate opens

10:10 am – Blessing of the Land

10:20 am – Intention Setting and Guided Meditation with Rev. Jessica Sharp of Nouera

10:30 am – Stretch Sesh with Javiera Köstner and DJ Genesis

11:00 am – Sound Healing session with Source Field Sound’s Nicola Buffa

12:00 pm – Ganja Yoga with Javiera Köstner

1:00 pm – Guided RhythAUM with Genesis

2:00 pm – Ecstatic Beats with K-Luh

3:00 pm – Presence in Throwbacks with DJ Mikey Tan

4:00 pm – Hi Vibration Set with Izzy Wise

4:20 pm – High Tea Experience with Nouera

Open throughout the day will be the Nouera Lounge. Grab yourself a cup of tea and listen to binaural beats over the headphones supplied by HUSHconcerts, or hear from the different cultivators, wellness practitioners and other industry speakers at the Town Hall Forum.


1:00-4:00 pm : Speakers will come and speak in the forum to host a live Q/A. Guests include:








RSVP to this event to receive updates and special announcements we have for our RSVP’d guests.”

About Nouera

More info: https://www.instagram.com/nouera.co/


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