CannaSmack Tinted Hemp Lip Balm: Hemp Infused Lip Care

Honestly so happy I found my @cannasmack lip tint! I was so upset when I lost it because it looks good, tastes good, and makes my lips feel so smooth!

CannaSmack Tinted Hemp Lip Balm Review

hemp infused lip balm collection by thecoughingwalrusI am so grateful that I have opportunity to have a @cannasmack collection! This amazing company makes outstanding products that work so well and actually taste good! They are hemp based, 100% vegan and cruelty free!

My lovely @cannasmack collection includes:

🍬 Bubble Gum Kush

🤭 Maui Wowie

🌞 Day Tripper

🍑 Peach Watermelon

Right in the middle is the lovely Grapefruit Spearmint 🌱 lip balm @acannamanda made and sent me!



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