Strain Review: Cold Creek Kush by RedeCan Pharm

Cold Creek Kush by @redecanofficial

Lineage/Genetics: MK Ultra x Chemdawg 91

Original Breeder: T.H. Seeds

Grower: RedeCan Pharm

Dispensary: Redecan

Cold Creek Kush Strain Review

The photo of this bud simply does not do it justice. The shiny trichomes and vibrant orange hairs give this strain a magnificent visual attraction.

Opening the container with envelope you in the sweet and pungent aroma.

The ash burns a nice white when lit and the smoke is smooth for how crystally this bud is. The effects after you exhale is definitely a heavier indica effect than a sativa, but not heavy enough to couch-lock you. Just enough to relax and enjoy the day or night!





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