Cultivar Review: Sherbacio Biscotti by Terpmongers

Sherbacio-Biscotti (Sherbacio x Biscotti) by @terpmongers ✨

Lineage/Genetics: Sherbacio x Biscotti

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: Terpmongers

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Sherbacio-Biscotti Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

sherbacio-biscotti by terpmongers strain review by pnw.chronic

Sherbacio-Biscotti has extraordinary bag appeal. The buds are primarily a shade of forest green with a thickset layer of alluring dark purple foliage. Fiery-orange pistils collect in tightly coiled patches that dot surface, creating a vibrant color contrast. Shiny trichome frosting enfolds the outside of each bud, covering corners and crevices with a snowy, crystalline veil 🤩

The nose on S-B is marvelous. It’s a sugary sweet, dessert-style profile that titillates the senses from the first whiff of a jar. It has creamy, tangy candy tones combined with an overall fragrance of warm, baked dough . The flower is ambrosial and sugary to the extent that it’s gnarly, rife with a tangible tart and spiced tinge. The smell reminds me of toasted caramel and vanilla with notes of gooey marshmallows and chocolate tootsie rolls. Breaking the flower up releases an amplified burning petrol and candied essential oil fragrance 🍭

The taste translates from the smell with laser-point precision. It’s a cloyingly sweet, creamy flavor, evocative of a delectable pastry. It has this submersing, smooth creaminess that is rich and flavorful on every hit. The flower has a subtle gas in the exhale that congregates right on the tip of the tongue, giving each hit a zested quality. As a joint burns down, the gassiness evolves into a total burning kerosene funk. The taste, like the smell, is remarkable for notes of caramelized vanilla and caramel, all soaked in roiling gasoline ⛽️

The SB has a prominent effect. It’s a moderate, bliss-inducing high that feels intoxicating and impactful without too much couch lock. The flower is soft, firm, and not overly sticky. It creates mild to moderate amounts of kief when ground. The flower burns perfectly and smoothly all the way down 😶‍🌫️

Overall, I really enjoyed the Sherbacio-Biscotti. It easily checks all of the boxes for visual appeal, aroma, flavor, high, and overall smoke quality. The genetics provide this delightfully decadent dessert-on-dessert presentation that’s lavish and alluring to the last hit. Stellar work from Terpmongers 🔥

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Check out more reviews by @pnw_chronic on Instagram! (

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