Cultivar Review: Swiss Watch by Terpmongers

Swisswatch (Gary Payton x Runtz) by @terpmongers ✨

Lineage/Genetics: Gary Payton x Runtz

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: Terpmongers

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Swiss Watch Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

swiss watch by highly cultivated strain review by pnw.chronic

Swisswatch has superb visual appeal. The base bud color is a bold blackish-purple hue with lesser, forest green leafage. Lanky pistil fibers extend across the exterior of the nugs, forming fine, marmalade-tinted webs. Trichomes encrust the outer surface of each nug, comprised of shorter, kinked stalks with both clear and cloudy resin glands 🤩

The nose on SW is spellbinding. The fragrance is a titillating synthesis of petrol gas, pepper, and decadent dessert. The gassy side of the profile has a pungent burnt rubber and simmering kerosene funk, while the sweetened side, has a profound, opulent, candy attribute that mesmerizes the senses. The fragrance is a flawless fusion of its genetics that’s so delightful it’s drool-inducing ⛽️

The taste on SW is entirely exquisite. It has a compelling tire-fire gas inhale complemented by a radiating candied zest that melts all over the palette on each hit. The masterful melding of raunchy gas and sweetened confectionary flavors creates an incredibly robust, almost savory flavoring that had me smacking my lips. The flower has an aftertaste of cinnamon, light clove, and cocoa that sticks around 🍬

SW has a satisfying and stupefying effect on it. It generates immediate cognitive fog with some forehead pressure and moderate heaviness in the neck and back. It’s a pleasing, heavy high that has the potential to cause some significant couch lock in higher amounts. The flower is soft, not overly sticky, and produces a minor amount of large grain kief when ground. It burns perfectly and slowly all the way to the last hit 😶‍🌫️

The Swisswatch is a phenomenal cultivar. It exceeds the criteria from visual appeal to effect with relative ease. The aromatic and flavor profile represents a perfect merging of the genetics where the SW benefits from some of the best parts parents. Absolutely Phenomenal work from TerpMongers 🔥

swiss watch by highly cultivated strain review by pnw.chronic 3

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