Edible Review: Citrus Olive Oil Cake by Chef Julie Houser

Citrus Olive Oil Cake Recipe by Chef Julie Houser of Flower Farma
Created by Marge for Bite Me The Show About Edibles

Julie Houser Citrus Olive Oil Cake Recipe Review

For those who love citrus, you’ll enjoy the orange and lemon flavour.  It’s simple itself is simple, no special skills required. Combine your dry ingredients, combine your wet ingredients and then combine the wet and dry ingredients together to make a batter and bake.  The inclusion of lemon and orange zest along with orange oil and lemon juice allows the citrus flavour to shine. This is a moist, plant based cake recipe.
Though the recipe is written as plant based, you can use eggs and cows milk in place of the flax and nut milk ingredients and still end up with a lovely cake.  The recipe calls for a cup of olive oil which allows for the cook to swap out as much oil as needed for their infused version to get to the level of desired potency.  I used a CBD based olive oil infusion for this recipe so that I could share with those in my household who aren’t as into edibles as I am.  You could easily make a THC icing for this for increased potency.
Rating: 8/10
citrus olive oil cake cut up into bite sized pieces citrus olive oil cake close up of bite sized piece
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