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Hash Review: Bazooka Joe Rosin by I Love Kush

Bazooka Joe @ilovekushhh (🍌OG x 🍓Cough) Lineage/Genetics: Banana OG x Strawberry Cough Original Breeder: Unknown Single Source: I love Kush Terpene Profile: Unknown

I Love Kush Bazooka Joe Hash Rosin Review

A few weeks ago I was scooping up some melts when @sddankexclusive16 surprised me with my first jar of ilovekush to review! Ive always wanted to try his jars so let’s waste no time diving into the details. bazooka joe rosin by i love kush hash review by cali_bud_reviews 2.jpg Aroma: 9.7/10 Nose Volume: 9.6/10 The jar is LOUD, bursting w/ a sweet, fruity, ripe banana candy, w/ a little bit of a creamy smoothie-like delivery but also w/ sharp sugary pungent citrus fuel terps. Beneath that is a deep savory funky bourbon & bold bubblegum funk note, adding a ‘black banana’ twist to the sweet banana candy terps. A sweet but juicy strawberry citrus combines w/ a cherry candy cough syrup to wrap the sweet N funky banana candy together into a sweet, sugary, fruity pink bubblegum funk. Overtones of fresh earth, soil, pine diesel, & sour dank lemon fuel hide some undertones of vanilla, cream, florals, musk, & mint. Appeal: 9.7/10 A Perfect All white cold cure mass sits centered in the jar w/ a smooth puddy like surface w/ a shining, clear coated, greasy terp layer- while having a fatty, squishy, goopy structure. The rosin is slick N stable, slicing off in clean buddery chunks but pulling apart w/ a chunky squishy jammy consistency that puts back together into a juicy blubbery self absorbing rosin that stays moist & brainy to the finale. Vapor: 9.6/10 Flavor: 9.7/10 Burnage: 9.6/10 The vapor was super clean & smooth, w/ intense flavor strength. The vapor was pretty gassy, w/ medium strength lung expansion & the most minimal of throat pungencies. The terps combined to form a unique, & complex strawberry banana bubblegum funk profile. The flavor was sweet, dominated by creamy banana candy w/ a pungent citrusy inhale, w/ the funky bourbon, bubblegum funk, & strawberry-cherry cough developing more in the exhale w/ a hidden cheesiness revealing itself in the final hits. Overtones of sour dank gas, pine diesel, fresh earth, & vanilla cream were constant. The aftertaste consisted of ripe banana, strawberry (bourbon) bubblegum funk, & lemon citrus fuel. The oil cooked & cashed out clean w/ fat clouds at every temp low to high. Overall: 9.65/10 This Jar was really amazing, & was a proper turn on to a new hash maker of top notch quality. I immediately went back down and grabbed myself a jar of his moonpants after seeing the satisfaction this jar of bazooka brought me. The rosin was immaculate, the terps had an amazing profile with nice loud nose volume. The vapor was really smooth but also had some nice expando lung while being heavy w/ flavor. The effects were enjoyable, uplifting but relaxing with medium strength potency that lasted 2.25 hours. All around this jar was high quality, highly preferred, & had great performance. Definitely recommending ilovekushhh & the bazooka joe to all my fellow hash heads out there. Big thanks to sd dank for hooking me up with a new high end hash maker to try out. Stay tuned for the moonpants review coming soon! bazooka joe rosin by i love kush hash review by cali_bud_reviews NFSOT! 21+ Only #calibudreviews
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Check out more reviews by @cali_bud_reviews on Instagram ( and YouTube (!

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