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Hash Review: Moonbow #112 Rosin by Dammit Bobby

Moonbow 112 @dammit__bobby_ Lineage/Genetics: Zkittlez x Do-Si-Dos Original Breeder: Archive Seed Bank Processor: Dammit Bobby Terpene Profile: Unknown

Dammit Bobby Moonbow 112 Rosin Review

moonbow 112 rosin by dammit bobby hash review by cali_bud-reviews One of my most favorite jars of all time. I’ve been loving all these moonbow crosses.. especially all the ones available through the Dammit Bobby & Huh hash lines- But finally getting my hands on the real Moonbow112 was an epic experience start to finish. The rosin was immaculate. The cold cure is almost all white, with a pinch of light golden tan to it. It is thick, chunky, & stable but it is also super moist, greasy with terps, and semi-saucy-creamy when whipped & warmed. The pressed areated patty has that classic clean pizza doughy appearance, with clear shining greases saturating the surface. Creamy Terps juices fill the tracks and gather at the tipped edges. The terps are complex. It leads with that ‘dosi-bow’ gassy cookie funk with a sharp candy citrus fuel backing. I perceive it is as a bold southern bourbon funk, with an herbal nutty cherry cookie, that mixes with a southern cowboy cookie that has a touch of doughy garlic & sour-chem kush. A Pine Diesel Pungency hides whifs of blackberries, grapes & florals. A strong acidic lime grapefruit lemon sugary candy & sharp citrusy Z fuel wrap it all together. The dab is insane, amazing flavor, with gassy expando lung pressure, but totally smooth, clean, & with that smoke satisfaction factor. The oil has a thorough burnage, leaving behind a tiny lightly amber resin ring after a 1:30 session at 496* max Vapor. The flavor & clouds lasted the whole sesh; I probably could’ve hit a boost mode to cash it out but my lungs were tapping out. The buzz is heavy, euphoric, Stoney, but with a baseline creative focus & happiness. The strong onset can make your heart beat a bit, but that strong entourage bake settles in quickly behind it, with a powerfully calming headband buzz & partial couch lock that offers stress & pain relief. 3.5 hour buzz with a long term after-bake that’s great for sleep. All around it’s all star rosin, clean, stable & juicy; loud & preference setting dosi & zkittlez flavors, vapors & lung pressure; & strong potency with chronic effects. Overall: 9.88/10 A1 Quality & Preferences moonbow 112 rosin by dammit bobby hash review by cali_bud-reviews 2 NFSOT! 21+ MJP ONLY! #calibudreviews #dammitbobby #archiveseedbank
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Check out more reviews by @cali_bud_reviews on Instagram ( and YouTube (!

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