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Smoke Temple Cross Cone by DaySavers

DaySavers is a smoking accessory company that is making big splashes around the cannabis industry. I first saw them at the Sunstone Cannabis pre event for Hall of Flowers 2024 and they’ve been making waves on the Internet with their marketing positions as well as their support of the much needed Science of Smokeability study being run by the Cannabis Research Coalition. 

Their range of products is impressive and covers everything from blunts to cones to joints to even the holy grail of cannabis rollies attainable by the common stoner: The Cross Joint. Specifically, DaySavers Smoke Temple Cross Cone.

DaySavers Smoke Temple Cross Cone Review

Like the rest of DaySavers’ papes lineup, DaySavers’ papers are made with high quality French rolling papers which have been subjected to heavy metal testing. These aren’t your questionable offbrand papers sold on Amazon, these are the rollies that are going to save the day.

I’ve seen so many companies with prerolled cones, but never have I ever seen one with a pre-rolled cross joint. I was one of those people that paused Pineapple Express the first time around to roll a cross joint with Rogen and Franco. I’ve rolled many cross joints of varying sizes over the years and I can tell you that it’s an arduous process that is most certainly NOT stress free. Think about it, most of the time that a cross joint is requested, it’s somebody’s birthday, it’s a party… Suffice to say, there’s always an audience. Sometimes you don’t have the right size papers, grinder, crutches, or whatever. Paper is hard to roll with, it’s even harder to make a cross joint with. That’s why my best cross joints were always actually cross blunts.

So back to the problem at hand that’s about to ruin your dayger: you need a cross joint but you can’t be bothered to spend the next half hour rolling one. Break into your stash for a DaySaver Cross Joint. One day when I felt particularly lazy, I went for it. Used my mountain mahogany packing stick. If you don’t have one, DaySavers sells those (albeit they don’t have mountain mahogany) too (

Never assembled a cross joint that quickly before and it burned as expected. What more can you ask for?

These cross joints have been hand rolled in Indonesia and don’t forget that they’re made in France – originator of rollin papers – and that they have passed heavy metal testing. The box is from China, probably hasn’t been heavy metal tested but that’s ok because that’s not getting smoked and inhaled. Sure, some might balk at the carbon footprint of a product like this; but, plenty more will cherish the many hands and economies that were touched by this long supply chain. This Smoke Temple Cross Cone is an interesting mass produced product that highlights the impact that cannabis has had on smoking culture. If you see cross joints in your future without the hassle of having to roll them – I suggest grabbing a full set of these cross cones to keep on deck.

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