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Strain Review: Beluga by Genetic Zoo

Brand – @genetic.zoo @artifactzla Strain – Beluga Lineage/Genetics – Biscotti x Zkittlez x Lemon Cherry Gelato Original Breeder: Unknown Grower: Genetic Zoo Terpene Profile: Unknown

Beluga Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

beluga by genetic zoo strain review by stoneybearreviews …. First off mad love to @genetic.zoo for allowing me to review Beluga, one of there first strains to come out and be on display at some dispensaries around the Valley and Los Angeles and one thing I will say any Cannabis Smoker will gladly enjoy this one here 3 Elements of some hart hitting flower combine onto a one flower to create this strains that smells like sweet, candy and then some hints of cherry and we know why. This hits more mellow and slowly creeps up to your head, some body elements are present too but not that heavy, I will say that you can actually go and enjoy a day while being lit but just remember you might have red eyes and a smiling face to go along with it. But slowly mellow yourself out of conversations and start thinking and go into you’re own world. But overall I love the smell profile from the moment the mylar opens your hit with some Zkittlez type of aroma as well. This flower is limited so if you can get your hands on it. Go and Do It. You won’t regret it. Slowly you will see this brand come into your dispensaries and let Genetic Zoo know where to go and add some to your favorite place… Clean and White Ash. Taste is amazing,a little cough does come out but it’s a nice and none of the crazy burning the throat type that other flower does. ….
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Check out more reviews and content by @stoneybearreviews on Instagram! (

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