Strain Review: Piñata Punch by Real McCoy Farms

Piñata Punch

Lineage/Genetics: (Z x Horchata)

Breeder: Real McCoy Farms

Grown by: Real McCoy Farms @the_realmccoyfarms 🪅

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Piñata Punch Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Piñata Punch’s bag appeal is quite charming. It’s characterized by medium-sized, neon green nugs with thin leafage that ranges from dark green to purple-black. The purple hue turns more pink towards the bottom of buds, painting a beautiful gradient of coloration. Singular tangerine pistils wrap around the nug here and there, while hefty trichromes gather in layers upon layers of frosting in some places 😍

The nose on this strain is insane. It is absolutely dripping in sweet tropical Z terps. That part of the profile is absurdly fruity and sweet, while the Horchata side provides more sweet, creamy, and, especially, gassy notes. The profile makes me think of a tropical fruit purée dropped in a boiling pot of caramelized sugar. Breaking open nugs releases a hot sugary gas scent and leaves a sweet candy smell on the fingers 🍭

The taste translates amazingly well from the aromatic profile. The first thing that’s apparent in the taste is the way the Z terps tickle and tease the tongue while smoking. The tropical, citrusy fruit terps are astondingly tangible and prominent. When combined with the sugary and gassy parts of the presentation, it is a real palette stainer and treat to smoke. For risk of being too general, this strain is kind of like a Runtz remix that comes out more fruity and flavorful, while still reminding me of a bag of candy 👅

The Piñata Punch smokes perfectly all the way down. It’s not an overly sticky strain, but it leaves a little bit of resinous oil on the fingers when breaking up by hand. It produces very mild kief in a grinder. I found the high to feel quite delightful. It’s a more cerebral, light headed feeling that makes me feel relaxed and euphoric, but not at all couch locked. I could smoke this strain all day every day if I could 🤠

All in all this strain is stellar. It smashes all the criteria but it has a fully distinctive nose and flavor that I absolutely love. I would highly recommend checking out this one or any other strain from @the_realmccoyfarms. It is a real treat to get the opportunity to review some of their flower 🔥

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Check out more reviews by @pnw_chronic on Instagram! (

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