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Strain Review: Sherbotti x Jealousy by Cadre Verde

🍧👿 Sherbotti x Jealousy @cadre.verde @cgo_lyfestyle @_heisenbern_ Lineage/Genetics: Sherbotti x Jealousy Original Breeder: Unknown Grower: Cadre Verde Terpene Profile: Unknown

Sherbotti x Jealousy Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Very very interesting strain, beautifully done. Great genetics and amazing quality! @cadre.verde you did your mf thing! @cgo_lyfestyle thank you for hostin such a crackin event ! I didn’t get to meet @cadre.verde personally but being there and receiving this was such a blessing! Crack open your jar you get this beautiful look to a sherb structure! A lot more color than I’m use to. Kinda looks like biscotti and sherb together! The nose is different. You get this first note of heavy cream (jealousy) with that very slight gassy tang cloudy sherb . The biscotti terp isn’t as noticeable until you break her up! Your fingers get sticky pullin nugs apart, the nose gets way more nutty soft cream with that noticeable biscotti/gelato terp! Already knew it was gonna roll up perfectly by the consistency of the tree! Rolled up a perfect log and the airflow is where it got really fun for me! The airflow taste was for sure a heavy cream with that biscotti-ish nutty gas with that sweet soft sherby backend. Sparked up instantly! I love when weed doesn’t struggle doin what it’s supposed to do! Instant white ashes and a perfect clean burn thru the whole joint with a nice drip resin ring 😤 Inhales are smooth with a creep up powerful chest punchin exhale with that crazy great taste of this Nutty Creamy Sherby Scott! In that order, you get that nutty creamy vibe with that soft gas sherby cloud of biscotti tang! All tastes are noticeable ! You can pin point it like a list. Very powerful high, super sedative for sure! This needs to be put in rotation, it doesn’t even need a name. It kills just by quality, taste and high! Looks are extra! Amazing brutha! #FlavorChaser #Verde #CGO #Cam #Heisenberg #Cookies #Sherbert #BeamMeUp #Scotty #Jealous #ExplorePage #Gordo #RipTip #916 #worldWide #YouKnowThe #Vibes #MoreOTW #Music #Menu #SpecialThings #HugeMotives #SacOnTheMap #KingShit #PAID #StackAndChase #Reviewer #TheOriginal #King #Cannasaurus🦖👑
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Sac 📍, H.R. 💍 , Collector 👽, Reviewer 💯
Exotic Ashtray ♨️
Tried to go back but this sh*ts too tasty 🍬

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Sac 📍, H.R. 💍 , Collector 👽, Reviewer 💯 Exotic Ashtray ♨️ Tried to go back but this sh*ts too tasty 🍬

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