Interview: How Curado Black Cherry Punch aged temple balls hit the market

I came across Oaziz Extracts Inc. and their Curado Black Cherry Punch aged temple ball offering thanks to the High North Lab and their weekly features on cool stuff that has come through the lab. It’s usually flower – AAAAs aka quads and other Canadian goodies that I don’t get to try often, but when I do – I get to purchase with a credit card. Back in April, one week’s feature caught my eye and I knew I needed to speak with the person responsible. It was Black Cherry Punch aged hash in temple balls (eggs) all ready for Easter. It’s on the market in Canada under the Curado brand.

Brand: Curado

Processor: Oaziz Extracts

There aren’t many aged temple balls on the legal market – and surprisingly, most of them are in Canada. I reached out to Oaziz and Jorge and I hoped on a call to get to know each other a little better.

Without further ado, here’s the interview!

Curado Black Cherry Punch Aged Temple Ball interview with Oaziz Extracts CEO Jorge Sousa

Could you tell us a little about yourself and how your brand came to be?

I have been a passionate consumer of cannabis since my early 20s, in my late 20s I started working with cannabis patients, helping them with real estate needs as I was a real estate broker. My first hash/extractions happened in the late 2010s. The Curado brand was inspired by Frenchy Cannoli and from reading literature about hashish. Curado stands for aged and healed in latin. We have a mechanical aging process developed at Oaziz.

Y’all were one of the first licensed solventless company in Canada but later to market, why is that?

We aren’t the first in the industry however we hope to be the last standing.

What gave you the idea to bring aged temple balls to the market?

I was inspired by the work of Frenchy Cannoli, I am also of European origin and hash was somewhat of a myth from my childhood that I felt curious to explore.

Say you just got done smoking or vaping some of said temple balls… Whose spicy fried chicken sandwich do you want to eat?

Good question, however I would have to say I would go dirty and go for a World Famous Schwartz Smoke Meat.

How/why did y’all choose the cultivar for the hash?

We visited multiple cultivators, Lyonleaf Cannabis who is situated here in Montreal are an amazing group and the Black Cherry Punch has an incredible profile, almost perfect for hash making

What kind of yield are you getting?

Depending on the cultivar, anywhere between 10~15% from dried flower.

Are there test results from pre-aging?

Yes there are, we could share it in the future.

Did you try the temple ball pre-aging, and how does it compare to the on the shelf product?

The aged temple ball Curado Black Cherry punch is phenomenal and it fairs above your usual hash at a fair price.

Have you ever eaten or drunk hash? If so, how and what was the experience like?


What is the oldest hash that you have ever smoked?

The oldest hash I smoke was a 1 year aged hash.

If I buy some aged hash and I want to hold it to try in a decade – where and how should I store it? Think any labs would be down to test it in a decade?

I would say in a dry, dark,cool place. As for testing any lab would tested.

If there were a cannabis product on the market that I really liked and wanted to store for multiple decades to share with my unborn children… is there a recommended way to do that?

Yes, same as the hash.

What do you think the future is for aged hash?

I think we are just touching the surface; companies are coming out with innovative ways of mimicking aging. I think North American Hash is different from the traditional black-market imports, NAH is more refined with diversified profiles.

What’s next for Oaziz?

Continue exploring the solventless segment.

What cultivars do you have your eyes on that you want to see available in Canada?

NY Diesel, Sour Diesel, The Hog, Burmese Kush, Kushberry.

What are your favorite up and coming cannabis brands around the world? Shout ‘em outttt.

Lot420, Fuga, Green Karat, 514.

Featured image from High North Lab Instagram.

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