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SoulinU’s Rick Duchin talks CBD Live Resin, “nano,” and the blood brain barrier

Earlier this year, I saw a CBD company posted up at a local farmer’s market. It’s not the first time I’ve talked with brands in that exact scenario. The SoulinU stand was different. It was the first time that I’ve had all my science questions answered and then some, and experienced a new delivery method as a cherry on top. One drop of CBD live resin on my left wrist and the head change came a few heartbeats later. Suffice to say, I would really, really, really like to try this with THC or THCV. The cannabinoids used in edibles, drinkables, sprayables, and topicals come in a whole range of sizes. You may have seen the “nano” wave at your local dispensary or at your online hemp derived cannabinoid shop with claims of “fast-acting” or the like. SoulinU is pointedly not that. Wanna learn more? Read below. Thanks, Rick for clearing up my misconceptions on nano and showing me the bleeding edge of pharmaceutical level cannabis/hemp delivery tech.

Interview with Rick Duchin of SoulinU

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m Rick Duchin, I started to play and grow cannabis around 1976. My time in the space has allowed me to work at different extraction labs, different types of growing and manufacturing and formulation of products to the consumer. I decided that cannabis is plant based medicine and has the ability to work on a lot of different issues that consumers or the human population deals with.

How did SoulinU come about?

SoulinU was created as a vehicle to develop different brands, Diverge is a non alcoholic flavored spirits, Soultopia is a water soluble brand, PurBlend is an oil based product like tincture, creams, salves ; PurSoul is an Amazon brand. We just have a passion to make great products and ones that really work, so much so we offer a “100% guarantee.”

Is Santa Rosa a historical part of the California cannabis community?

I believe it is integral between the growers and the consumers.

We met at a farmer’s market in Santa Rosa – what is the general reception you get from attendees?

At first I get looked at or ignored. Currently we are a part of the market and we have a lot of customers that come to market to talk and buy. We offer a clean understanding of the CBD market with some great products.

What are your most impactful products?

Diverge helps customers get away from alcohol and still have an experience.. Our tinctures and pain management products help a lot of people. I think we have products that help people differently and that’s why we have 80 some products and flavors.

What sets the tech behind these products apart from other companies?

We do not use equipment that came from the Oil Industry, ethanol and CO2 extraction, we do not use chemicals on our products and we treat the cannabis plant with respect. We make Whole Plant CBD Live Resin, the purest in the country. You just need to see and experience the effects. We never use isolates or distillates that are on the open market. As well, only certified organic material is used to make our products.

What is it that “nano emulsification” normally entails and what might end users not know about it?

Nano means small, super small. Emulsions are different in the industry using sonification or other methods. We are not a nano emulsion, we spend a lot of time making our oils small by introduction of hydrogen gel and a lot of work. We are more like pharmaceutical delivery system for medicines.

A common misconception is that cannabis infused topical products do not allow cannabinoids to make it through the blood brain barrier. What do you say to those that feel that way?

Come on by and I will show you with a single drop of our live resin.

What other misconceptions clearing and educational tips do you have for those marketing “nano” products in the cannabis space?

Good Luck.

Thanks for your time, is there anything you want to share with The Highest Critic readers?

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