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Candy Popzz by Backpack Boyz

Candy Popzz, by Backpack Boyz

Much to my luck, out of going back to the dispensary to re-up, I found out that the Candy Popzz made its way towards my favorite store. I HAD to get my hands on the Candy Popzz by the Backpack Boyz. My anticipation was fueled by a memorable experience at a recent cannabis event, where I had the opportunity to sample both the Candy Popzz and its delectable crossbreed, Sweet Potato Pie. The experience was nothing short of extraordinary. The Candy Popzz provided a fantastic smoke that truly set the mood, reinforcing my admiration for the exceptional quality of Backpack Boyz flower. Peep the insights on this strain below!

Bred by: Backpack Boyz (@officialbackpackboyz) (@backpackboyz.oakland) (@backpackboyz.monroe), Quality Control Cannabis Detroit (@qccdetroit) & 5Points (

Grown by: Regency Specialties

Genetics: Lemon Cherry Gelato x Sweet Potato Pie

This strain caught my interest out of watching a podcast regarding the upcoming strains from Backpack Boyz.

Taste: 9/10; Compared to its blue counterpart, the taste is still strong, sweet, and heavy on the lemon cherry gelato profile. It has a very gassy profile paired with the gelato and the Sweet Potato Pie strain (Animal Mints x Gelatti). I noticed that Gelatos are still not played out and when you put gas with gas, you get a strain with a DEFCON level 2. ┬áIf you have not got your hands on this, I’d definitely recommend this one. This strain had an even balance of sweetness and gassiness that fits a strain that packs a hell of a punch on the tastebuds.

Definitely another shoutout to @QCCDetroit for bringing the flavors out to the Mitten.

Smoke: 8.5/10; A balanced and heavy smoke from the Candy Popzz. Definitely take caution because it will have you choked up on both the exhale and inhale. Not only is the strain strong on the smoke, it is strong on the smell causing a tear. While it isn’t heavy on the strength of knocking you out, it is definitely a great strain to throw in the mix of hanging with friends, and the taste also makes up really well for its strength.

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