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Hash Review: Papaya Juice Rosin by Beachside Solventless

Papaya Juice @beachside_solventless

Lineage/Genetics: (Papaya x (Papaya x Durr Burger)

Original Breeder: 808 Genetics (?)

Processor: Beachside Solventless

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Papaya Juice Cold Cure Rosin Review

papaya juice by beachside solventless hash review by caii_bud_reviews

The jar opens to show a thick stable mound of golden yellow cold cure hash rosin that has white undertones & is speckled w/ amber freckles & a few surface ridges. The ice cream scoop shaped mound of rosin is piled high & packed together tightly, developing a greasy wetness that coats the outsides of the creamy patty. The stable mound reveals a wet moist mushy mashed potato like consistency during its buddery breakdown that gathers into a creamy doughy cakey patty that settles into a moist badder.

The terps are impressively loud, leading w/ a combination of sweet tropical papaya funky fruit & meaty greasy Donny Burger garlic onion chem funk. The papaya comes through w/ a sweet tropical base, made of peach, mango, & papaya that blends into a skunky orange citrus herbal haze, that’s lightly fermented w/ classic papaya fruit funk thats overshadowed by & blends perfectly w/ the powerfully raunchy, vulgar, meaty greasy rotten meat funk & fumey garlic chem diesel that shines through w/ a sweet acidic lemon juice, as well as a pungent eye watering onion juice that pairs perfectly w/ the papayas tropicals, fruits, funks & citruses. The rosin burned, melted, & cashed out clean. All the nose terps translated to vapor flavor fully- emphasizing the skunkiness & funkiness stemming from both parents. The flavor strength was strong, translating mostly clean papaya-burger terps that stayed consistent until the finale.

The vapor was clean, & mostly smooth, offering only a small touch of warmth during the exhale extending from its raunchy funk, herbal spices, chem diesel & gas pressure. The effects hit w/ a powerful calming sensation, relieving stress, anxiety, & pain during its heavy but euphoric buzz of 2hrs. This jar was nice, having high quality & solid performance- although it’s probably considered an acquired taste w/ those powerful durr burger overtones. All around this jar is a beautiful combination of sweets, tropicals & a complex variety of potent funk terps.

OA Satisfaction: 8.93/10

papaya juice by beachside solventless hash review by caii_bud_reviews 3.jpg

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Check out more reviews by @cali_bud_reviews on Instagram ( and YouTube (!

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