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Dab Review: Papaya by Happy Cabbage

Papaya Lineage/Genetics: (Citral #13 x Ice #2) Original Breeder: Nirvana Seeds Processed by: Happy Cabbage @happycabbagefarms Grown by: Ridgeline Reserve @ridgelinereserve ✨

Papaya Hash Rosin Review

papaya hash rosin by green cabbage dab review by pnw_chronic 2Papaya is a magnificent light-blonde hash rosin batter. It’s mostly solid in terms of consistency with a wet layer of terpenes giving it a delightful glistening appearance. It’s not sticky. Instead, the batter is quite malleable, as a result of which it’s easy to get onto and off of a dab tool with minimal effort 🍯 The nose on the Papaya is incredible. It’s one of the freshest, most natural, and powerful fruit aromas I have ever smelled on a rosin before. I would equate it, literally, to juice squeezed freshly out of a mango. The fruit profile has layers of papaya, guava, orange, and a whole range of tropical notes present. There’s a mild layer of funky spice, as well, that gives a complex, fermented quality to the overarching fruity profile. The smell leaves a scintillating tingle in the nose after taking a wiff 😍 The flavor translates perfectly from the nose, meaning that it is just as insane. Again, I would equate the profile to freshly squeezed mango juice with a full spectrum fruit punch of mango, papaya, orange, and guava in the mix as well. The concentrate tasted slightly syrupy as it vaporized. Most Papaya strains tend to smell and taste more like orange terps than anything else, so the uniqueness and authenticity of the presentation here is incredibly impressive 🥭 The effect on the Papaya is rapid and noteworthy. I felt a powerful head high with pressure around my forehead, as well as some body heaviness and couch lock. The dab was astonishingly smooth. I don’t think I coughed a single time, even while taking massive dabs of it. The concentrate burned cleanly, leaving behind little residue 🔥 All in all, the Papaya by Happy Cabbage and Ridgeline is superb. It doesn’t just hit criteria across the board, it demolishes pretty much every other Papaya strain I have ever dabbed. It sounds like hyperbole, but this was just a phenomenal concentrate that I would dab again and again. Happy Cabbage puts out a lot of high quality hash and hash rosin with some wonderful farms. I’d highly recommend checking out this and some of their other products 💥 #legal
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Check out more reviews by @pnw_chronic on Instagram! (

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