Dab Review: Papaya Bx Live Rosin Jam by Highland Provisions

Papaya Bx

Lineage/Genetics: (Papaya x Strawberry Guava)

Grown and Processed by: Highland Provisions @highlandprovisions

Bred by: Bloom Seed Co @bloomseedco ✨

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Papaya Bx Live Rosin Review

papaya bx live rosin jam by highland provisions dab review by pnw_chronic 2The Papaya is a beautiful golden-yellow live rosin. The concentrate is a saucy jam that, upon closer inspection, consists of tiny, crystalline granules that look like golden sand. In terms of viscosity, it is somewhat aqueous and fluid, but still mostly adherent, requiring only minor working to dab. The rosin shines in the light providing an enthralling visual 😍

The Papaya has an extraordinary nose on it. The primary profile is a sweet, fruity blend of papaya, guava, strawberry, peach, and pear. It has a fermented, tingly, effervescent quality to the fragrance that gently tinges the tops of the nostrils and makes me think of Champagne, white wine, and Peach Bellinis. The combination of sweetened fruits is so poignant, accurate, and pleasing that I couldn’t stop smelling the jar every time I dabbed it🥭

The taste on the Papaya translates expertly, so it’s a fantastic flavor. Its a loud, fermented papaya and sweet guava flavoring that seems to be paired with aerated white wine and champagne notes. The combination generates a superbly unique presentation that left my senses dazed and had me excitedly analyzing every hit. The rosin leaves a sweet and fruity, but fleeting aftertaste 🍾

The effect on the Papaya is potent. It generates a powerful high thats characterized by forehead and temple pressure, head fog, and mild body heaviness. I took a couple dabs and felt myself having a harder time functioning and completing tasks. The melt on the jam is relatively clean and the dab itself has some minor throat harshness, but is smooth and causes virtually no coughing otherwise. Overall, I found it to be a thoroughly enjoyable experience 🤤

All in all I loved this Papaya. Some people don’t like jams, but this is one of the best jams I’ve had in terms of consistency and dab quality. On top of that, the Papaya that Highland and Bloom have in the expression here is so unique and an absolute blast to dab through. Great work all around🔥



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