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Strain Review: Banana Swirl by Urban Canna

Banana Swirl Lineage/Genetics: (Dirty Bananas x Garlicane) Breeder/Grower: Urban Canna @theurbancanna ✨ Terpene Profile: Unknown

Banana Swirl Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Banana Swirl has attractive bag appeal. The medium-sized nugs are characterized by a loud lime green color with tangerine pistils gathering in small vivid patches. There’s some darker green leafage here and there, as well as minute gray/purple leafage that appears in insignificant amounts. A layer of glittering silver trichromes covers the surface and collects in every crevice of the nug, creating a charming hue with light/flash 🤩 Banana Swirl has a fascinating nose. I immediately picked up on sweet, creamy banana notes, however that profile is quickly followed by a layer of kushy gas, and then overtaken by gnarly garlic terps. The garlic aroma has a pungent and spicy quality to it that seems to ooze over everything else in the profile. The combination of ripe green banana, kushy gas, musty gym socks, and garlic creates a really funky profile. Breaking open a nug releases a heavy dose of gas, garlic, and some banana 🧄 The flavor on the Banana Swirl is funky, complex, and presents a plethora of layers. Again, there are initial notes of sweet banana and kush that imprint on the palette, however those notes are quickly lost in a tidal wave of dusty, musty garlic. It’s hard to identify much else once the earthy garlic starts seeping into the taste buds, and the strain just tastes more funky as the joint burns down. It has a mouth-watering, savory quality to it with an earthy aftertaste 🍌 Banana Swirl has a notable high. It provides salient cerebral effects with some discernible body feeling in the shoulders and neck. It also slowly creeps up and sinks me into the couch. I found it to be an eye lids low kind of high 😶‍🌫️ All in all, Banana Swirl is an exceptional strain. It meets each criteria down the list comfortably. I have a hard time not comparing the strain to Dirty Bananas, which was one of my favorite smokes of the last few months. If Dirty Banana was supposed to be dirty, then this strain is like Filthy Degenerate Banana. I personally liked the Dirty Banana better, but that is more related to personal taste. Rest assured, if you like good funky weed you will like this strain 🔥
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Check out more reviews by @pnw_chronic on Instagram! (

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